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Alpha Rho Centennial Captains Campaign Now Banking — Bros. Bailey, Taylor & Lewis Leading The Pack!


By APCAA Staff

Alpha Rho's Budget & Sponsorship Caucus has completed the quiet phase of fundraising for Centennial Weekend 2024 with strong investment from the 1980s-era Brothers. The Chapter's Centennial Captains Campaign (CCC) opens this week with leadership donations in all three of its top-tier accounts, featuring Brothers Rahn Kennedy Bailey (Spring 1984) leading the pack as our first Gold Level Captain, Kelvin Jerome Taylor, Sr. (Spring 1985) tapping in to lead Platinum Level Captains, and Kelvin's Line Brother John Lewis, Jr. (Spring 1985) securing the coveted first donor spot for the Silver Level Captains.

Projected Brotherhood sponsorships based on data from 2015 campaign and updated membership profiles.

CCC is the first Brotherhood sponsorship cycle for the Chapter's January 2024 Centennial Celebration and Scholarship Consortium. This opening campaign will feature 100 individual Captains at the $25K, $15K, $5K, and $1K levels. Individual Centennial Weekend packages (second Brotherhood sponsorship cycle) will be offered mid-summer 2023 for attendee-only rates for the January 5th Welcome Reception & Toast, January 6th Town Hall, AUC Woodruff Library Archives Opening Exhibition, Centennial Gala, and January 7th Farewell Brunch. General attendee packages will also be released at that time. [APCAA Gift Officers will provide the direct link to the AP100 business account at Citizens Trust Bank at the time of pledge. All contributions are 100% tax-deductible in accordance with IRS guidelines for federally sanctioned Section 501(c)(3) non-profit private foundations (EIN: 47-4661553)].

"Alpha Rho Chapter has never been short on leadership giving," remarked APCAA President BMaynard Scarborough, who developed the association's 10-year execution plan in October 2014. "In fact, 84% of the Chapter participated in our first-ever campaign to endow a separate scholarship fund and dedicate our 90th Anniversary Memorial Obelisk on the Morehouse College campus in 2015." He continued, "this time around we're fortified with our own independent banking structure, 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation, certificate of incorporation by the State of Georgia, and scholastic programming. Centennial only happens once in a lifetime, so we're leaving a legacy that will hopefully inspire other Morehouse Men to pay it forward."

In addition to the celebratory events planned for AP100, the Chapter has developed a scholarship consortium exclusively for high school-aged young men who reside in the neighborhoods surrounding Morehouse College. In 2022, APCAA taped Brother Robert Percy Williams (Fall 1999) to serve as Chief Scholastic Officer — adjacent to his role as Principal of the M. Agnes Jones Elementary School located a mere two blocks from the Morehouse campus. The scholarship consortium will recruit and mentor the students, and also conduct guidance sessions for their parents/guardians on readying their sons for college life at Morehouse. To date, no other Atlanta-area funding organization has earmarked similar financial support to a neighboring college, and installed an active academic leader to direct the program and guide the recipients as they begin their matriculation.

With just 9 months before we gather for Centennial Week, we've provided links below to all of the milestones APCAA has passed in the lead up to today's launch of the Centennial Captains Campaign:


As APCAA's new General Manager, Alzay F. Calhoun (Spring 2000) is tasked with maintaining cadence for all 12 AP100 Caucus groups, or literally, keeping all of the Alpha Rho Trains running on-time. By trade, Alzay runs a business coaching company that advises small businesses on sales and marketing strategy. He has been helping his clients create standard operating procedures (SOPs) and sales systems since 2012. He runs a successful YouTube channel (Coveted Consultant) with case studies, video tutorials, and behind-the scenes insights.

The AP100 Budget & Sponsorship Caucus is managed by Co-Chairmen Bacon and Farthing, and our Gift Officers are: James A. Britton (Spring 2001), Justin M. Rhim (Spring 2013), Keven R. Patterson (Fall 1987), Brennan W.H. Towe (Spring 2013), Jarod Harper (Spring 2018), Grant Bennett (Spring 2018), Craig A. Woolridge (Fall 1982), Marcus N. Daniels (Spring 2007), Aty T. Biswese (Spring 2001), Maurice Cooper (Fall 1999), Leonard Murray (Fall 1988), Daron F. Coates Spring 1987), Rahn K. Bailey (Spring 1984), Darren M. Wethers (Fall 1982), Tedd M. Alexander (Fall 1981), Cyril J. Turner (Fall 1981), C. Howie Hodges II (Spring 1980), John Wm. Mims (Fall 1979), Jerome A. Luke (Fall 1976), Wendell S. Bristol (Fall 1975), Curley M. Dossman (Fall 1970), Austin C. Easterling (Fall 2013), Kenny A. Williams (Fall 2010), Almuhtada R. Smith (Fall 2004), Jason T. Mercer (Fall 2003), Patrick E. Carter III (Fall 1999), Ernest Holmes (Spring 2018), John Lewis, Jr. (Spring 1985), Kelvin J. Taylor, Sr. (Spring 1985), Wayne H. Davis (Fall 1998), and Amin Aleem (Fall 1999).


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