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Alpha Rho Centennial Caucus Groups Organized 575 Days Before 100th Anniversary Weekend in Atlanta

A Call To Caucus For Alpha Rho's 780-Member Alumni Association

By APCAA Staff

To meet the lofty goals associated with the Chapter's Centennial Weekend in January 2024, we have opted to utilize a "caucus" approach for sorting through the many suggestions we've fielded to date. There will be a total of 12 AP caucuses, each led by two Brothers from distinct generations. We have intentionally called upon seldom-asked members of our association to stand up these groups in an effort to provide exposure for the next generation of leaders who will continue build upon the foundation we have developed over the past eight years of the APCAA.

The overall Centennial celebration is led by a trio of recognized leaders, Brothers Earl N. Caldwell II, Clinton Love Johnson, and Sean Michael Moss.

Beginning in September 2022, each of the 24 Caucus Leaders will present their ratified suggestions to the Centennial Chairmen, and then a full membership presentation will be held before execution.

What follows is a suggestion of members for each caucus, and an explanation of their conceptual or literal tasks. We determined that it would be more productive to draft names for caucus participation rather than await the "Alpha Spirit" to move the Brotherhood into action. Brothers not already included in this initial draft are encouraged to make their interest known ASAP so that the their thoughts can be included in the end product. You will find an opportunity to respond to any preliminary grouping in the descriptions that follow this introduction.

"Our genuine hope is that every Alpha Rho Alum will find a way to participate in a Caucus over the next year and a half," said APCAA's President BMaynard Scarborough (Fall 1980). "We encourage all Brothers of our esteemed Chapter to take this opportunity to be counted on the active side of this extraordinary time in our shared history, and thereby make an individual impact on this once-in-a-lifetime gathering of Alpha Rho Men."

Each Brother will be responsible for their own participation fee for the weekend’s events, commemorative items and inner-city transportation. To maintain affordability for the weekend, an all-out corporate sponsorship appeal will be undertaken.

In an effort to re-constitute APCAA's 8+-year-old 501(c)(3) program which has not been active since 2015, Brother Sean Michael Moss (Fall 1980) has been tapped to develop and lead a new Legal & Finance Working Group comprised of industry leading practitioners. This group is charged with updating the association's mission as it relates to commemorating a century of relevance on the campus of Morehouse College and outlining future scholarship goals. In a addition to Moss, group members include Brother Almuhtada R. Smith (Fall 2004), Steven G. Garner (Spring 2008), Eric D. Wells (Spring 2017), James A. Britton (Spring 2001), and Jonathon J. Davis (Fall 2010).

In a deliberate nod toward inclusive participation, this Caucus process welcomes and incorporates our current AP undergraduates – who will all be alumni members in calendar year 2024.

Below, you will find details on the leadership, members and scope of the 12 Caucuses, which are:

  • Budget and Sponsorship Caucus

  • Centennial Week Signature Events Caucus

  • Centennial Great Gathering Program Caucus

  • Centennial Commemorative Journal & Video Caucus

  • Centennial Display & Memorabilia Caucus

  • Centennial Logistics Caucus

  • Centennial Step Show Caucus

  • Amplify Alpha Rho Caucus

  • Centennial SWAG Caucus

  • External/Community Service Caucus

  • "The Henry A. Stewart" Memorial Leadership Award Caucus

  • Rites, Rituals and Traditions Caucus


The undeniable cornerstone of the entire Centennial celebration, this group will help determine what events, purchases and gratuities we can actually undertake. Additionally, the group will lead the development of the sponsorship drive -- which will off-set or reduce the individual participation fee each Brother will need to contribute.

*** Under the leadership of Caucus co-chairs Bacon and Farthing, Brothers who have been confirmed, or hope to be recruited for this Caucus include: James A. Britton, Justin M. Rhim, Brennan W.H. Towe, Steven G. Garner, Marcus N. Daniels, L. Jared Boyd, Aty T. Biswese, Maurice Cooper, Leonard Murray, Daron F. Coates, Rahn K. Bailey, Darren M. Wethers, Tedd M. Alexander, Cyril J. Turner, C. Howie Hodges II, John Wm. Mims, Robert Dixon (F1978), Jerome A. Luke, Wendell S. Bristol, Curley M. Dossman, Matthew W. Plummer, Austin Easterling, Kenny A. Williams, Almuhtada R. Smith, Jason T. Mercer, Patrick E. Carter III, Ernest Holmes, John Lewis, Kelvin Taylor (S1985), Wayne H. Davis, and Amin Aleem.


At present, the weekend activities are scheduled begin Friday afternoon and conclude Sunday afternoon (January 5-7, 2024). This caucus will finalize a roster of events that are reflective of the membership, with some incorporating our significant others, and the Alpha National organization. Most prominent opportunities to consider: The Great Gathering (GG), Golf Tournament (GT), and Ecumenical Service (ES).

*** Under the leadership of Caucus co-chairs Greenwood and Gordon, Brothers who have been confirmed, or hope to be recruited for this Caucus include: Henry M. Goodgame, K. Shaun Rodgers (GT), Tony L. Hall (GG), Alexander Smith (GT), Ulysses W. Burley (ES), John J. Cox (ES), Devon Crawford (ES), Terrelle Bynum (GT), Jason Edwards (GT), Jonathan Wilkins (ES), Richard C. Flippin (ES), George B. Walker (ES), Lester A. McCorn (ES), Al Vivian (GG), Garrett Auzenne (GT), Ezra Robinson (GT), Keith Winfrey (GT), John J. Hunter (ES), Michael P. Cox (GT), John M. Borders IV (ES), Marcus T. McCullough (ES), Johnzel H. Smith (ES), Tavis Thompson (GG), Elijah W.T. Moss (ES), Stephen Chester (GT), William Arterberry (GT), Edwin Alexander (GT), Fred Clark (GT), Anthony Davis (ES), Patrick Thompson (ES), Reginald W. Sharpe (ES), Craig D. Conyers (ES), Jason R. Blake (GG), and Jason Murchison (GT).


Our signature event, The Great Gathering, will take place on Charter Day, January 5, 2024, at Tyler Perry Studios in SW Atlanta, Georgia. This caucus is responsible for shaping the content of the program -- everything from the visual presentation to the script. An external event coodinator will provide guidance and execute the plan.

*** Under the leadership of Caucus co-chairs Sanders and Makerson, Brothers who have been confirmed, or hope to be recruited for this Caucus include: Wesley White, Jordan D. Lindsay, W. Kenny Rice, Micah D. Moon, Joshua H. McNair, Christian C. Nwachukwu, Trevor J. Julien, Scott Ellison, Morris S. McDaniel, Derrick J. Gilliam, Steven M. Scott, T. Lydel Newsome, Jonathan Green, Ian A. Barrett, Jesse Foy, Stevie Hamilton, Jalen Patton, Austin Pierce, Stuart J. Flemister, Rodney C. Boyd, Jr., Craig A. Woolridge, and Torri Rodney.


The purpose of this Caucus is to research and assemble a visual and written history of the Alpha Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Although this committee requires that brothers have formal or informal training as either a writer, a researcher, a videographer, or a media producer, the committee welcomes brothers with other skills to serve in a supporting role in assisting the execution of this massive undertaking.

*** Under the leadership of Caucus co-chairs Bryant and West, Brothers who have been confirmed, or hope to be recruited for this Caucus include: Chukwudi J. Nwadbia, Henry M. Goodgame, Michael E. Johnson, Adam L. Smith, Allan S. Gray II, Mikal E. Driver, Julien Turner, William Shelton, Ahuacan DeGruy, Alfred Dunn, Billy Gilbert, Chad Steward, Charles Wilkes, Chester White, Christopher McLean, Christian Nwachukwu, Jr., Christopher LuGrand Dawkins, GeJuan Cole, Jason Jones, Michael Webb, Ra'Shaud Haines, Jonathan N. Brown, and Temi Okotieuro.


The coordination of a century's worth of historical material is the responsibility of this inter-generational caucus. With the campus likely closed during the January weekend, the display will most likely need to be a complimentary portion of The Great Gathering, and then perhaps be relocated to the Robert Woodruff Library in the Atlanta University Center. Additionally -- the entirety of the display will need to be digitized for future reference and enjoyment.