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Brother Christopher Preston (Spring 2009) Wins Re-Election To Missouri City Council In Texas

Brother Christopher Preston finished in first place on November 6 in his quest for re-election to the Missouri City Council as the At-Large Position 2 representative. Preston is known for his unwavering commitment to serve his community in various capacities, Chris Preston has directed his focus on improving and building his community. Preston is a native of Missouri City and a product of FBISD schools. Upon graduating from Elkins High School, he entered HCC and then transferred to Morehouse College where he earned a B.A. in Political Science. During his studies at Morehouse College, Chris received various honors, scholarships and awards that nurtured his committed spirit to serve locally and internationally. He led a delegation of students and faculty to assist with the rebuilding efforts in Port Au-Prince Haiti following its 2010 earthquake and studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Soon after graduation, Chris’ passion for community service led him to found Emerging Ambassadors, a 501c3 organization which focuses on addressing a broad range of social, emotional and academic issues. Via his leadership, Chris has secured various funding streams and provided aid to countries such as Haiti and West Africa. Over the years, Chris has continued to serve as Executive Director of Emerging Ambassadors and he has developed a greater appreciation for his home here in Missouri City. However, during this time, he has witnessed disproportionate changes and growth throughout various communities in Missouri City. With his relentless spirit to serve, this has inspired Chris to lead by example and give back to his home community by running for Missouri City Council At-Large position 2. He is wholeheartedly committed to being a voice and advocate for all the citizens of Missouri City, and, ultimately, it’s his’ desire to strengthen our schools, create safer neighborhoods, foster economic prosperity and create a unified Missouri City. Chris Preston was first elected to the City Council, at large position #2, on May 10, 2014. His current City Council memberships are Economic Development Committee, High Performance Organization Committee, and Community Development Advisory Committee.

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