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40 Postcard Line Images From AP100 Weekend + Link To Order 184-Page Alpha Rho Chapter History Books

President & Founder, APCAA

With an impressive 62% (505) of all living Chapter members on-hand, the AP100's signature Centennial event, The Great Gathering, had swelled in such numbers that the site for our Centennial portrait (originally planned for 250-300 Brothers) had to be moved to a lower ballroom in the Marriott Marquis. Attendees included initiates from as far back as the 1950s right up to a 100% delegation of members of the Redeemed 15, Spring 2023.

And earlier in the day, APCAA hosted a full-house AP100 Town Hall at the prestigious Commerce Club in Downtown Atlanta. In addition to congratulating Centennial Captains and leading lines, we unveiled the long-awaited Alpha Rho Chapter History Book.

Here's a first-take specifically on the AP Brotherhood featuring as many line photos as we could assemble in less than a week. While the Centennial Postcards that follow are not all-exhaustive, these are the groups that were captured at either the AP100 Welcome Reception, AP100 Town Hall, or mostly at our signature event, The Centennial Great Gathering:

January 5-7 2024


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