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ZIONIC 23 Maximizes 10th Anniversary With $10,000 Homecoming Pledge To APCAA Scholarship Consortium

By APCAA Staff

ATLANTA, GEORGIA Saturday October 28 2023 — The Zionic 23, Fall 2013 initiates of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated's Alpha Rho Chapter, has pledged $10,000 to the APCAA Westside Scholarship Consortium in celebration of their 10th Alphaversary and The Alpha Rho Chapter's Historic Centennial in 2024. The initial pledge from this group — composed of business executives, entrepreneurs, engineers, educators, and doctors — commemorates their admiration and appreciation for the services and enriching experiences that Morehouse College, Alpha Phi Alpha & The Alpha Rho Chapter have provided them.

“It's our honor to call ourselves Morehouse Men and Men of Alpha,” stated APCAA Associate Vice President James S. Brown. “To celebrate these institutions that have profoundly enriched our lives, we dutifully commit to yearly financial support for Morehouse and Alpha Rho Chapter in its perpetual efforts to provide students with the tools and resources to be successful.”

The donation will be managed by the APCAA’s Westside Scholarship Consortium, which provides annual financial assistance to Morehouse College students in need who reside in the communities adjacent to the school. This $10,000 donation will be the initial pledge in a larger initiative by The Zionic 23 to further assist APCAA's efforts to provide financial assistance to Morehouse College and its students.

In accepting the gift, APCAA President BMaynard Scarborough remarked, “Perhaps what’s most impressive about the Zionic’s motion is that they’ve linked our upcoming centennial with their own milestone, and by doing so they’re leaving a distinct mark on one the chapter’s most significant moments in time.”

The check was presented to the APCAA Leadership Committee during Morehouse College's 2023 Homecoming Tailgate.


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