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Music Originated In Brother Kennard Garrett's Studio Featured On 2018 GRAMMYs And Super Bowl Bro

In one week, I've seen "Don't Make Me Wait"(a song that originated in my apt) be performed on the Grammys AND the SUPERBOWL broadcasts. I'm humbled and honored as much as I am excited. It's the #1 Reggae song currently and those of you who know about the music business know what a successful single can do for a career. So, I've pasted the link for Itunes(it's available on all digital outlets though) to this single from Sting and Shaggy and I would be grateful if you could support it and in doing so, support me and everyone else who worked on it. It's a love song and right about now, a little love can go a long way. Thank you, peace and love. - Kam

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