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This is a great representation from all generations of Alpha Rho Chapter! Special thanks to Brother Andre Weathers for leading with web-service admin for 2022, and the Good Brothers from the Temerarius 25 (Fall 1979) who obviously rallied internally to generate participation for the appeal.

Moving forward, please know that the doors of the church are still open!

For the most part, the majority of the 10-year-forward expenses were fixed and have delivered as projected. The sole exception is the web-hosting service ( which has fluctuated over the past few years based on additional features we’ve activated since the original budget was prepared in 2014 (email marketing, etc.) Even the base monthly rate for hosting has risen – something we could not project at our campaign start.

To that end, please be advised that the web-hosting budget for has been exhausted.

To fully balance this now outstanding line item, we are respectfully seeking a one-time administrative donation of $25 from Chapter Brothers who are so moved to support the exceptional work the Editorial Team has delivered since 2014, and is scheduled to deliver over the next 24 months of the campaign (January 2022-January 2024). The fees for this period is projected to not exceed $1,250.

Brother Sean Michael Moss (Fall 1980) has served as the APCAA Treasurer for the past few years and has been charged with collecting and discharging these last-mile expenses. Brother Treasurer will receive your contributions at either of these channels:

· CashApp: $smoss6

· Venmo: @sean-moss61

As always, thank you for allowing the association to serve Alpha, and Alpha Rho.


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