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APCAA Unveils Centennial Captains Promo At January 6 2024 Great Gathering in Atlanta

[Replica of APCAA step 'n repeat to be featured at the Centennial Great Gathering in January 2024]

By APCAA Staff Our Good Alpha Rho Brothers: Our upcoming Centennial Celebration is a massive undertaking that definitely warrants your attention and investment. Over the past 9+ years, our alumni association has developed programs, tools and partnerships that have connected us in ways never imagined. And not once during those planning years have we levied dues or fundraised to run the association. Fast-forward to 2023: We are now at 55% of our participation goal for underwriting the core elements of our Centennial Celebration. And we're confident that each of you already have plans to support AP100 ... but this note is to encourage you to invest now, and celebrate later! Specifically, on Thursday, September 28, 2023, APCAA will broadcast the following:

"ALPHA RHO CHAPTER CELEBRATES 100 YEARS, 100 DAYS FROM TODAY, WITH 100 CENTENNIAL CAPTAINS ON BOARD!" See what we're trying to do there? Please consider investing in all that we've built, and everything we're planning to celebrate in January 2024 by joining as a Centennial Captain now or before September 28th. All levels of captain participation receive signature recognition and access to the weekend events, but as with any tax-deductible contribution to a worthy cause ... the higher the level of contribution, the more shine. So, to get your on before September 28th, visit: To preview the weekend events and check out your Brothers already gettin , visit: Thank you ... and please know that we're grateful for the encouragement you've provided as we've built this thing ... together! Bro. BMaynard Scarborough, President, APCAA

Bro. Alzay F. Calhoun, General Manager, APCAA

Bro. Amin S. Aleem, Chief Financial Officer, APCAA


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