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2019 Alpha Rho Anniversary Lines And Homecoming Events In Snaps

Not all 775 living members of Alpha Rho Chapter can make the trek back to campus each October -- so we're continuing the tradition of sharing some of the best group moments from a weekend of line anniversaries and the 90th anniversary Obelisk engraving dedication.

Sorry for some of the blurry images we chopped from social media -- we had a professional photog roaming the entire weekend but couldn't capture all the action, but we did want to make sure that all are represented!

Saturday before the tailgate experience, chAPter brothers gathered at the site of the Alpha Rho 90th Anniversary Memorial Obelisk to recognize the three new line engravings and five inductions into the chAPter's "Gold Society."

APCAA's Chairman of Obelisk Events Joshua H. McNair led the effort to bring the on-campus memorial up to date -- thereby providing recognition for all 1,351 Morehouse Men who were initiated via Alpha Rho Chapter.

Walking away with the best anniversary showing were the brothers from the Temerarious 25 (Fall 1979) who rallied a near-perfect showing with 21 of their living members (2 are in Omega Chapter) to mark their 40th anniversary in the fraternity!

Great turnout from Spring 1999's Intrepid 25 -- which saw 22 brothers return to campus for their 20th anniversary -- and walk away with the "Brother's Choice Award" for best line attire!

Spring 2009's APotheotic 21 represented strong with 16 members returning for their 10-year anniversary.

14 members from the Surreptitious 20 (Fall 1989) made it back to Atlanta to mark their 30th anniversary in Alpha Rho, and receive recognition for joining the "Gold Society" on the chAPter's campus Obelisk.

While not celebrating an anniversary this year, members of Spring 1978's Flamboyant Southern Five certainly made their legacy known during the weekend.

Brothers from Fall 2004's Imperious 20 are captured on the MLK Chapel plaza as they get in formation for their 15th anniversary. 15 members returned to celebrate the occasion.

Somehow -- This looks like a legendary group -- as in the brothers from Fall 2011's Legendary 18 pausing for a snap.

And not to be outdone -- The Inimitable 24 (Spring 2017) celebrated their ascension to the "Gold Society"on the chAPter's 90th anniversary Obelisk on campus.

The freshest Alpha Rho Brothers -- Spring 2019's Novellus 18 -- are captured at Spelman's Market Friday, at the start of the weekend's events.

AP Closing snaps --

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