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AP Lost & Found: Line Brothers Ezra Robinson & Fred Humphries From Opposite Ends Of The Aus

Alpha Rho's continuing series on screencaps from the moment when two line brothers reunite after years apart today catches up with the bookends from the Auspicious 13 (Fall 1980). There reunion was a total early 80s affair, as they randomly bumped into each other in the lobby of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Atlanta.

Erza, a decorated Captain with the Atlanta Fire & Rescue Department, was catching the Friday evening jazz performance by Brother Ernie Quarles (Fall 1981) when Fred, a Corporate Vice President with Microsoft, drops by unannounced after leaving the "Key Supporters Reception" for Morehouse College.

As it happens, the house was full of Class of 1983 alums, so the reunion was memorable on several key fronts.

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