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Alpha Rho's Groundbreaking APIC (Alpha Rho International Census) Shifts To Digital Only Format I

With the March 13, 2018 launch of the official Alpha Rho Alumni Association (APCAA) website, the organization shifts from print to digital format for all future editions. To date, there have been three print publications which document the chapter's entire 1,282 Brotherhood roster. The original Alpha Rho International Census (APIC) was published in October 2015 in conjunction with the dedication of the organization's 90th Anniversary Memorial Obelisk on the campus of Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia.

The new digital format will allow for timely updates as new Brothers are initiated into the 94-year old chapter. Additionally, the website features historical images from the private archives of the APCAA, complete biographies for the 13 charter members, a chronology of the presidential officers since 1924, fundraising campaign charts, and a NEWS BLOG featuring current-day highlights of the milestones and achievements of the Brotherhood.

APCAA stands alone in the comprehensive research captured in both formats. The editors have compiled the names and initiation dates for all 1,282 members of the chapter since in founding in 1924. Additionally, 96% of the entries are complimented with a photo of the member, cross referencing for legacy relationships, and a special section for transfer Brothers.

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