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Brother Alexander Leon Harris Marks His Personal Centennial With Humor, Sharp Memory And Gratitude (

Our Esteemed Brother Leon Harris (Fall 1939) was unable to make his own 100th Birthday Celebration on March 31st, but by grace, Alpha Rho was able to extend its well wishes for a speedy recovery while in Detroit for the college. Pictured at left is Brother Harris' daughter, Dr. Marsha Clement, a Spelman Alumnae and former member of the Black & Gold Homecoming Court. Bro. Harris insisted on taking this photo and I'm glad that he did.

Although he looks somewhat uncomfortable, trust me when I share that his memory was a sharp as GK Mayfield at the 1982 chapter banquet.

Brother Dude majored in French, played on the Morehouse Basketball Team, met his late wife on the corner of Westview Drive, and lived in Robert Hall.

I'm very grateful to our own alumni group AND the college for allowing me to spend time today with one of the brothers who helped keep the light of AP alive for me, and the rest of y'all too.

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