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Alpha Rho Alumni Pays Tribute To Our Fallen Brother -- General Garwood Marshall -- Fall 1955

Brother Dr. General Garwood Marshall, a golf icon who helped to integrate several golf courses in the Austin, Texas area, passed into Omega Chapter on June 22, 2020.

The following is an appreciation that appeared in the Austin Statesman newspaper on July 3, 2020:

Golden: With General excellence, Marshall was a true Austin icon

By, Cedric Golden

Lavon Jackson never would have made it through 11th grade geometry had it not been for the kid she described as “that silly boy” she met years earlier at Kealing Junior High. “I didn’t really like him at first,” she said. “But he grew on me over time.”

During his 84 years, General Marshall grew on a lot of folks in places like Atlanta; Statesboro, Ga.; and Austin. His was a life of family, faith, service, education, mentorship and the game he loved. Huston-Tillotson’s longtime golf coach and professor left us on June 22, but not without leaving enough memories to fill the hearts of everyone he came across. Marshall’s heart was bigger than Texas and Georgia combined, and after it gave out, the outpouring of love and respect from those he touched has painted a beautiful illustration of a life well-lived.

The Austin golf community remembers him as a friend, an activist and one cool dude with some serious game. He was a fixture at Lions Municipal Golf Course — the spot where Ben Crenshaw and Tom Kite learned the sport as young boys — and was a passionate supporter of the Save Muny fight, an ongoing drive to preserve the 96-year-old course for posterity.

“I played there with him in the city championship when I was 15,” recalled Crenshaw, who won three titles in Austin before going on to star at the University of Texas and then on the world stage. “General was a great part of Muny. He was such a good golfer and a beautiful person who always had a smile on his face. He was also a very learned man who had a real authority about him.”

Marshall played the game, coached the game and grew the game as a longtime contr