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Alpha Rho Alumni Launch Intergenerational Professional Development Series


Dear Alpha Rho Brothers,

The Alpha Rho Chapter Alumni Association (“APCAA”) is interested in launching a professional development series. We are fortunate to have brothers excelling in virtually every sector. This professional development series will harness the wealth of talent and expertise within the chapter to host candid conversations on a variety of topics. These conversations will be intentionally intergenerational. Accordingly, we are seeking participation and input from brothers at every stage of their careers. 

We are in the process of planning the first installment of this series. Some potential topics include:

•Career Pivots

•Recession Opportunities/Weathering The Storm

•Building Wealth Within Your Line

•Political and Government Affairs Opportunities

•Tech Careers and Opportunities

•Health and Well-being for Black Men

•Real Estate Investing

•The Entrepreneurial Track

•Professional Brand Awareness and Communications

Please vote on potential topics in this link:

Series Developer, L. Jared Boyd, AP Spring 2002, is featured above. Please feel free to contact him directly if you have any additional feedback or questions regarding this professional development series at


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