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Brother Shaun Rodgers' (Spring 2002) GREENTOP GIFTS Inc. In Running For $50K FedEx Small Busines

Brother Shaun Rodgers and Wife Jackie are looking to the Brotherhood to assist in bringing home a $50K check from the good folks at FedEx as they compete in the 2019 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest. The Top 100 finalists will be shortlisted on April 5 and winners of the contest will be announced on April 29.

Votes help contestants get noticed and are one of the many factors in the judging process.

Vote here:

According to Shaun's Wife, Jackie Rodgers:

"After spending years searching for diverse images on holiday wrapping paper we discovered that it simply didn’t exist. My husband and I then decided to tap into our 25+ combined years of business experience and create our own wrapping paper with a brown Santa Claus. What began as a passion project turned into a company that fills a void and recognizes the importance of representation. For the uplifting of their spirit, children of all shapes and colors need to see images that look like them."

She continued, "We will use the FedEx Business Grant to expand our product line in 2 main directions: 1) Creation of birthday and graduation products and 2) Introduction of additional gift wrap items such as gift bags. In addition we would use the grant money to augment our grass roots marketing efforts through digital marketing, local events, and school partnerships."

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