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Brother Dr. Charles E. Thompson (Spring 2001) Launches Clarity Surgical & Weight Loss Solutions

An introduction to Brother Thompson's new venture -- in his own words:

"I've decided to embark on a journey that will allow me to continue serving those that need care. As an employed surgeon, I have been treating patients who need my attention with the best of my abilities -- under HIS watchful eye. I will continue to do so by opening my own practice.

Clarity Surgical and Weight Loss Solutions will treat patients with a variety of surgical needs, but in particular, those dealing with obesity. I would appreciate your support by following me on YouTube, InstaGram, and LinkedIn. I will be documenting the entire process of forming a practice -- the ups, downs, and everything in-between. You will see me going through finding legal representation, finding real estate, gaining privileges at hospitals, dealing with insurances companies -- everything! Join me as we take this ride together ... all in the name of serving our fellow men and women."

About Clarity Surgical:

Clarity Surgical and Weight Loss Solutions will be a surgical practice dedicated to the care of patients requiring surgical attention for a range of conditions. We are not soliciting any business until July 1st 2019. Clarity Surgical will specialize in surgery for the treatment of obesity and its accompanying medical conditions. This surgical practice will encompass the traditional art of caring for patients while embracing technology to assist in better care and communication between the patient and surgeon. We aim to serve all of Long Island and the New York City metro region. The traditional doctor-patient relationship is a - partnership, a partnership defined by mutual respect, shared compassion, and unrivaled communication. This is what we will offer those seeking our care.

About Dr. Charles Thompson:

Dr. Charles E. Thompson, III attended Morehouse College and completed his medical training in general surgery at Howard University, in Washington, DC. Afterwards, Dr. Thompson completed specialized training in weight loss surgery at the Cleveland Clinic Florida. His training and natural disposition led him to care for those requiring surgical care for many ailments in the abdomen, not just those requiring care for obesity. Dr. Thompson also performs minimally invasive (laparoscopic) procedures for the gall bladder, stomach, intestine, colon, reflux disease, spleen, and many types of hernias. One aspect that led Dr. Thompson to specialize in weight loss surgery was his ability to witness, long term, how patients’ lives change as their health improves. With weight loss surgery, patients are followed for years, and a TRUE partnership develops with patients. Besides his strong training background and surgical technique, Dr. Thompson’s patient-first approach, caring bedside manner, and welcoming personality are what patients credit to their high degree of satisfaction.

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