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Alpha Rho Charter Day 2019 Around The Globe -- 5-Year Countdown To Centennial In 2024

Alpha Rho's 95th Anniversary is now in the history books and Brothers from across the nation gathered in impressive numbers to begin the countdown to our Centennial in 2024. Thanks to all the local energizers who helped to make chapterly memories and strengthen bonds between all generations.

In Atlanta, Brother Walter Z. Falconer (Fall 1979) opened his SW Atlanta home to some 125 APers, which culminated in this historic chapter image. Brothers from as far back as the 1960s came out to mark the occasion, notably, Brothers John and Cecil Brown (Fall 1962, and Brother Charles Alexander West (Fall 1963). This gathering's special guest from another city was Brother Lester McCorn (Spring 1986), visiting from Rock Hill, South Carolina.

The Zionic 23's Brother Robert Newman (Fall 2013) welcomed the Brotherhood to his 130th Street spot in Manhattan and managed to capture strong bookends from the most recent APers Ahmaad Dent and Billy Cobb-Gulley (Spring 2017), to the most vintage, Brother Sean Michael Moss (Fall 1980).

Not to be outdone in the mid-west, Brother Jacob Qualls (Spring 1999) opened the doors at his Chicago home to what looks like all LBs from the same 3-4 years ... with Brother Rodney Boyd (Fall 2011) invited in to teach them the latest strolls. But wait -- wasn't Boyd supposed to be in Atlanta?

Obviously, the Washington/Maryland/Virginia Bruhs couldn'