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Homecoming 2018 SNAPS: The Notorious 11 Scores A Perfect 11, Young Bruhs Introduce RV Surfing, And

This is the face an AP Brother makes when he experiences his first homecoming as part of the chAPter. It's also 4-5 dranks in we're thinking. Regardless, this year some 347 initiates of Alpha Rho ChAPter made their way back to the campus where it all began.

Zionic 23 -- Fall 2013

It's nearly impossible to get the whole returning gang together for a single snap, but according to BET, there were 18 members of the Z-23 scattered around the campus during tailgate.

Sovereign 16 -- Spring 2013

Digital creativity allowed for this single image snap of as many members of this 5th year anniversary group as could be found. In actuality, 13 of their 16 members made the trip back this year.

Xenogenic 19 -- Spring 2008

Looks like 13 of their 19 made it back to campus as they marked their 10th anniversary in AP. Not sure where the tailgate group image is ... but this one works just fine!

Metamorphic 18 -- Fall 2003

A solid representation from the always together line -- with 12 members returning to the campus for their 15th anniversary reunion.

Anastasis 25 -- Fall 1998

Celebrating their 20th anniversay, Bruhs gathered at homecoming this year 15 members strong, and paid tribute to their Omega Chapter member #4 Jason Duncan, by wearing the #4 on their matching jerseys.

Notorious 11 -- Fall 1988

Big props to the line with 100% return participation this year! A total of 10 members dressed out for their 30th anniversary occasion, missing only their Omega Chapter member #2 Merion A. Stewart.

Turbulent 10 -- Fall 1978

Loving Sister Marcia Brown-Williams of Omega Chapter Member #3 Mark Brown stood in for him at their 40th reunion, helping to deliver a strong 7 returning members this year. We'll roast #7 Al Futrell in a later post as it's rumored he lives somewhere nearby the campus and was still missing in action. Bruhs get extra points for pulling off the joint Spring & Fall 1978 line anniversary dinner with the spouses and significant others tho!

Flamboyant Southern Five -- Spring 1978

The line with perhaps best moniker already scored a 100% gathering in 2018, so their 80% homecoming reunion show for their 40th anniversary is still quite impressive.

AP Aces @ Homecoming 2018

Even though it's a struggle some years for these little ones to find each other in the massive gathering on the MLK Plaza, tiny ones from the Notorious 11, Temerarious 25, Auspicious 13, Phenomenal 15, Sovereign 16, Anasatasis 25 and Esoteric 13 did manage to rise above the crowd and find each other for their annual snap.

Cataclysmic 22 -- Spring 2001

A solid honorable homecoming mention goes out to these 5 members of the 22 who took the time out to venture over to the 90th Anniversary Obelisk for this line snap. Reports are #1, #3, #13 and #20 were also on campus the day of homecoming.

The @AP_1924 Step Team @ Homecoming 2018 took home FIRST PLACE FOR THE 7TH WIN IN A ROW! Congrats Young Bruhs!

And ... there we have it, the NEW AP FLAVOR ... RV-SURFING @ the tailgate! Sean Romero and Mark Anthony Davis ... is that you Bruhs?

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