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234 AP Brothers In Reunion At Homecoming 2018 -- The Line-By-Line Roll Call Is Here

Since not every Alpha Rho alum will be able to join the festivities in Atlanta this weekend, we've assembled an easy-to-view page for those who may have missed the countdown ... and want to get a lil bit of that fraternal energy flowing at your own spot.

Please join me in lifting up a SPECIAL TRIBUTE to Brother CHARLES WESLEY HARRIS who was initiated in Spring 1948 along with 9 other Morehouse Men. Brother Harris is recognized as our senior-most living Chapter Brother in homecoming reunion 2018.

Thanks as always to the network of Brothers who contribute to making the APCAA's communications timely, well-researched and informative. Together -- we do really good stuff.

Stand by Brothers for scenes from the weekend in Atlanta!

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