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Alpha Rho Spring/Summer Weddings 2018: Brothers Kenny Williams, Reggie Jones, Andre Ellis, Clint Jo

Big congratulations to the 10 AP Alums who walked the wedding aisle this spring/summer and "crossed over" into what we hope will be decades of marital bliss! And clearly -- the Brotherly support was impressive, as depicted in the images below.

While assembling this blog post tested the editors like never before, the time it took to snatch and grab memories from each of the festive events was well worth the extra effort.

Special thanks to all of our special photo correspondents out there in the field, or posted up at the open bar during the reception!

(Be sure to CLICK on the images to get a full view of the Brothers posted up at the nuptials!)

Kenny & Lauren (Morton) Williams (Costa Rica) September 2018

Reggie & Nierra (Coleman) Jones (Atlanta, Georgia) August 2018

Andre & Nicquel (Terry) Ellis (Saginaw, Michigan) September 2018

Clint & Brittany (Horne) Johnson (Atlanta, Georgia) September 2018

Kevin & Shannon (Hazard) Anderson (Cary, North Carolina) May 2018

Dominique & Lauren Everett (Birmingham, Alabama) March 2018

Tom & Inez Lampley (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) July 2018

Charles & Brittany (Harper) Wilkes (Birmingham, Alabama) March 2018

Emile & Diana Thompson (Washington, DC) April 2018

Joe & Melanie (Smith) Heastie (Clearwater Beach, Florida) April 2018

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