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Brother Shaun Rodgers (Spring 2002) Competed For Team Code Red In Pursuit Of The 2018 American Flag

Former Morehouse College football team leader Brother Shaun Rodgers' team Code Red made it to the semi-finals of this year's American Flag Football League's (AFFL) U.S. Open of Football competition -- a multimillion-dollar, nationwide pro-flag football tournament.

Bro. Rodgers played WR and DB for the Morehouse College Maroon Tigers football team before graduating in 2003.

The AFFL is comprised of 4 professional teams and 128 teams from 7 regions across the nation vie to win and advance another step closer to the winner-take-all $1,000,000 Ultimate Final against the pros on NFL Network.

About the American Flag Football League (AFFL):

The American Flag Football League is a newly-formed professional flag football league started in 2017. The league was founded by Jeff Lewis in May 2017. Lewis spent nine months building the league, getting investors, setting the rules, and finding players and broadcasting partners. The league has signed a deal to air its games on the NFL Network.

Its first official game was played between Team Vick (led by former NFL quarterback Michael Vick) and Team Owens (led by former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens) on June 27, 2017, at Avaya Stadium in San Jose, California and was broadcast live on the league's website and rebroadcast on their official YouTube channel.

In 2018, the league reached a broadcast deal with NFL Network, covering the final 11 games of the U.S. Open of Football tournament. The league is leveraging technologies such as using a skycam as the primary angle, on-field graphics (such as an color-changing line of scrimmage and clock) for the league's "Go Clock" rule, and microphones on players.

"As the preeminent professional flag football league in the United States, the AFFL is cutting-edge entertainment played by world-class athletes" reads a statement on the AFFL website. "The 2018 US Open of Football is an opportunity for players of all athletic backgrounds to play against former professionals, have fun, potentially win thousands of dollars and stake their claim as professional flag football players."

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