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Brother Mikal Eugene Driver (Spring 2015) Launches Prodigious Academy: Advanced Learning And Charact

On June 5, 2018, the State of Georgia's Secretary of State certified the incorporation of Prodigious Academy, a domestic nonprofit corporation founded by Brother Mikal Driver, who also serves as CEO of the Atlanta-based educational enterprise.

In describing the new venture, Brother Driver shared that "Prodigious Academy has set out a plan to create the temple builders of the future. There is a vision to create leaders with hands that will be raised, to lift up the domes and spires of a coming civilization that will be led by this new generation. Upon the foundation they will lay, all the tomorrows shall build a far nobler edifice for the people to see the true value in themselves. The world will see urban youth of color take their place as builders of the temple of character, wherein, should dwell an enlightened spirit that will keep power within the people."

About the academy:

Prodigious Academy is an advanced learning and character development program set out to enrich urban youth through unconventional and rigorous academic curricula, and expository hands-on opportunities to cultivate 21st century scholars ready to lead, learn, and compete on a domestic and global scale.

Today, we continuously hear stories about urban youth in America that retort, “What if the times were better…” Prodigious Academy: Advanced Learning and Character Development Inc. is that “if,” willing and ready to make a change right now to mold the future. We are a results driven program dedicated to reshaping the minds of urban youth of color to become builders of the future, right now!

We are an organization with a set curriculum geared towards helping urban youth of color develop an unstoppable love for learning and a pure passion for practice in any endeavor. Prodigious Academy is on a mission to take the members of Generation Z and turn them into the heroes the world isn’t expecting them to become.

We are on a mission to provide a safe, open, and enriching experience that unconventionally allows urban youth to find their way into becoming the exceptional leaders and scholars they choose to be.

· Prodigious Academy will push urban youth to build on failure and use it as a stepping stone.

· Prodigious Academy will teach urban youth to close the door on the past that holds them back.

· Prodigious Academy will encourage urban youth to remember their mistakes and learn from them, without dwelling on them.

· Prodigious Academy will push urban youth to see the positive possibilities in their lives.

· By the end of the program, members of Prodigious Academy will be intentionally trained to redirect the substantial energy of their frustrations and fears, and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.

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