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Alpha Rho Alums Make $240,000 In Commitments To Alpha Rho Centennial Campaign In Opening Months

Alpha Rho -- Sustaining Morehouse College Since 1924

In honor of its centennial and in a proactive move to provide sustaining financial support for Morehouse College, the membership of the Alpha Rho Chapter Alumni Association (APCAA) will support the educational endeavors of the student population by contributing $2.5 million to The Alpha Rho Endowed Scholarship Fund. This alumni appeal – known as The Alpha Rho Sustaining The HOUSE Campaign – launches as the college closes out it’s year-long Sesquicentennial celebration, and begins to align alumni groups for the next 150 years.

In typical Alpha fashion, Brothers from all generations have stepped forward to become inaugural donors in this historic campaign. Altogether -- these campaign pioneers have committed some $240,000 toward the 7-year campaign goal.

The 660-member association – an independent, federally-sanctioned 501(c)(3) organization – will facilitate the multi-year appeal in-cooperation with the college’s Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA) and all funds will be banked and administered by the Office of Finance. Fundraising will commence immediately and will be calculated in fiscal year terms: July 1 – June 30.


The road toward the Alpha Rho Centennial is paved with the dedication of the leadership committee and the continued support from the alumni Brotherhood. No donation will be considered too small -- and as with our past campaign, participation is key. APCAA will chart its progress by way of this timeline from FY2018 to FY2024:

[Top row: Cyril J. Turner, Leonard Murray, Kevin Smith, Whitney Cain, Dwayne Toomer, Micah Moon, Joshua McNair

2nd row: Carlton Gordon, George Walker, John Gaston White, Earl Caldwell, Walter Falconer, Clint Johnson, Alfred Watkins

3rd Row: DeWayne Tolbert, Tracy McDaniel, Keith Wright, Marion Fye, Ahuacan DeGruy, Charles Johnson, Deshaun Bennett

4th Row: Rahn Bailey, Leonard Bell, Andre Weathers, Lavell Sanders, Richard Makerson, Gerry Mayfield, BMaynard Scarborough]

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