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Who Knew? This Alpha Rho Charter Member Was Kicked Out Of Toogaloo College For Trying To Launch A C

Brother Cassander Sellers was born in Macon, Georgia on February 26, 1903. Sellers died in July 1958 in Albany, Georgia at 55 years of age.

Brother Sellers was a member of the Morehouse College Class of 1925, graduating with a degree in Journalism, and served as advertising manager of the Morehouse Commercial Club. Brother Sellers was also a charter member of the Epsilon Beta Lambda Chapter in Macon, Georgia -- founded in 1949.

Brother Sellers was the son of the late Mr. Cassander Nunes Sellers and Mrs. Mildred Sellers King. Brother Seller's father was the first Black Lawyer in Macon. He attended the public schools of Bibb County. After high school he matriculated to Talladega College in Alabama but was kicked out because he tried to start an Alpha Phi Alpha Chapter. Brother Sellers transferred to Morehouse College where he became a charter member of Alpha Rho Chapter. As a result of his vision, determination and leadership, Brother Sellers was elected as the first president of Alpha Rho Chapter.

He was employed as a cashier at the Middle Georgia Savings and Investment Company. At the time of his death, Brother Sellers was District Manager of the Pilgrim Insurance Company in Albany, Georgia.

Prior to that he had retired from the US Postal Service. He attended the First Congregational Church and was a member of the Homosophian Club. Brother Sellers died unexpectedly on July 21, 1958 in Albany, Georgia.

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