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Brother Henry Allen Stewart Named Chief Marketing & Communications Officer And Editor In Chief S

Brother Stewart Shared: "Had a great time at the 94th annual and 111th anniversary convention of my beloved Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. This was also my first convention serving as Assistant Executive Director for Marketing and Public Relations/Editor in Chief to the Sphinx. It was great to be with my brothers and serve them as Chief Communications Officer for the Fraternity."

The Assistant Executive Director/ Chief Marketing and Communications Officer has oversight and responsibility for establishing, leading and managing marketing, communications, and branding efforts on behalf of the fraternity. The assistant executive director coordinates the strategic creation of marketing and communications strategy and has oversight for all operational and administrative marketing functions of the Marketing and Public Relations Department and the respective staff. In addition, the assistant executive director coordinates crisis communication and assist in developing effective organizational communication strategies and initiatives.

The assistant executive director has oversight for all social media and public relations efforts and also serves as editor-in-chief of the official fraternity organ, The Sphinx® Magazine, the nation's second oldest continuously published African-American magazine. In developing the magazine, the assistant executive director builds positive collaborative relationships with all internal and external stakeholders; including the organization’s members, the fraternal publications committee, and all levels of media outlets (local, state and national) in print and web-based—including social media.

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