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Brothers Stu James (Fall 1987), Vincent Ferguson (Spring 2002) And Yaegel T. Welch (Spring 2000) Bre

Surely, you can find the footprint of Alpha Rho in corporate, medical, government and legal offices throughout the nation. But recent high profile appearances on Broadway, network television, and in live music performance reminds us of how diverse the brotherhood has become in recent years. To that end, we turn our attention to three of several note-worthy alums who are definitely making big-time performance waves: Brothers Stu James, Vince Ferguson and Yaegel Welch.

Based in Los Angeles, Brother Stu James can be seen on seasons 1 & 2 and upcoming season 3 of the Ron Howard & Brian Grazer's New Form Digital series "Mr Student Body President" as Asst. Principal, Mr. Dana Ditman on Go90. You can also catch him as Principal Dean on the web series "Vanoss Súper Hero School." Currently, he is shooting the short film, "End the Cycle."

Back on the left coast -- New Your City, specifically, Brother Vince "VFerg" Ferguson is shaking up the indy music scene as he completes his 3rd independent solo album, entitled "Life," on which he teams we fellow Alpha Rho alum Richard "MakeOne" Makerson, a noted entrepreneur/music producer in his own right. Verge makes the live performance rounds throughout the Northeast region touring with his band, "Cuzins the Band." Off-stage, Vince makes his mark as the Brooklyn Community School Director as a part of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s community schools initiative which provides creative programming and social-emotional support for undeserved communities.

Brother Yaegel T. Welch is drawing national acclaim in some of the nation's top theaters including Guthrie Theater, Seattle Repertory Theatre, The Alliance Theatre, The Signature Theatre, The Lincoln Center Theatre, The Acting Company, and The Everyman Theatre (where he is resident company member) just to name a few. He can also currently be seen on hit television shows such as “The Blacklist” on NBC, “Blue Bloods,” “Madame Secretary” and "BrainDead" on CBS, and “The Knick” on Cinemax. At present, his short film “Black” is showing in film festivals across the globe. In addition, he is working on a one man show in which he will both write and perform. During his free time he co-governs and African Rites of Passage in Harlem New York.

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