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Alpha Rho Chapter ... By The Numbers!

By APCAA Staff

Alpha Rho Chapter Culture Points You Never Knew You Needed To Know:

  • Number of initiates in 99 years: 1,344;

  • Number of living members, worldwide: 810;

  • Number of Brothers expected at 2024 Centennial in Atlanta: 500;

  • Number of Brothers who joined 2021 Charter Day Zoom during the Covid-19 pandemic: 475;

  • Number of times Alum Brothers hear “ERR ERR ERR ERR ERR ERR ERR ERR” when visiting campus: approximately 257;

  • Number of Brothers who attended 2006 fraternity centennial in Washington, DC: 155;

  • Number of pledge periods since 1924: 141;

  • Number of Brothers who will enter the history books as 2024 Centennial Captains: 100;

  • Number of Brothers who actually lived in the Alpha House in Quarles Court: 72;

  • Number of Brothers in the Chapter during membership peak: 62 (1980-81);

  • Number of Brothers named Jason, Justin or Jordan: 54;

  • Number of Brothers who still think MLKJr. pledged Alpha Rho Chapter: 35-40;

  • Number of Charter Members: 13;

  • Number of Brothers who served multiple years as chapter president: 8 (Causey, Burrell, Tabor, Tolbert, Lamar, Gandy, Bullock, and Bailey);

  • Number of blood Brothers on same pledge line: 3 (Archibald, Cecil and James Brown, Fall 1962);

  • Number of Brothers who know the items inside of the time capsule underneath the APCAA 90th Anniversary Memorial Obelisk: 2;

  • Number of Brothers on smallest pledge line in Alpha Rho legacy: 1 (Bro. Farris T. Johnson, Spring 1972);

  • Number of dollars provided by Alpha national, Morehouse College, Sallie Mae, or Oprah Winfrey in support of AP Centennial: $0.

So what have we learned today? Well, that numbers matter … and that Centennial 2024 will not pay for itself! Please take a moment to consider paying forward the investment made in you when you were selected to become one of only 1,344 people on the planet who can genuinely say: Joining Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. At Alpha Rho Chapter Was The Best Decision I’ve Ever Made!


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