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$100K Pledge (Bro. E. David Ballard II) To APCAA Centennial Campaign Tops 100-Day Countdown Appeal

By APCAA Staff

The APCAA leaderboard has shifted in a most glorious way in response to an all-call to close on 100 Centennial Captains as we begin the 100-day countdown to our 100th anniversary!

Bro. Ballard's investment not only celebrates AP100, but also pays tribute to the Arrogant 8's (Fall 1974) 50 years of membership in Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Without doubt, today's gift and your own participation is key to making everything possible. We’ve made accommodations for planned giving over the next few weeks as several Brothers have requested.

Thanks to all who are leading the way, and to those who will join the movement soon!


BMaynard Scarborough, APCAA President

To Join The AP100 Movement, Visit:

Find Everything Centennial At:

PS: Continued thanks to our General Manager (Alzay F. Calhoun), CFO (Amin S. Aleem), and Assistant Vice President (James S. Brown) for their daily attention to the business of our association.


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