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Alpha Rho Chapter Alumni's Winter 2023 Digest + 99th Charter Day Shots + Centennial Staffing Updates

This Edition of the APCAA Digest features updates on 24 Brothers from the Alpha Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and their professional developments, artistic pursuits, industry projects, awards and recognitions.

Also — we announce several leadership enhancements for AP100, and drop in a re-cap of our 99th Charter Day around the nation.


Black-Led VC Firm Raises $58.1M To Help Low-Income Workers Become Business Owners (Bro. Philip D. Reeves Spring 2006)

By Jasmine Browley

It’s not easy transitioning from worker to founder. Fortunately, a Black founded investment fund is aiming to make the leap a smooth one. Apis & Heritage Capital Partners (A&H) recently announced the final close of its first investment fund at $58.1 million.

The investment fund was created to finance the conversion of companies with substantial Black and Brown workforces into 100% employee-owned businesses using a 100% employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) structure.

“The whole A&H team is humbled by the outpouring of interest and support from the investment community for our novel approach,” said Todd Leverette, A&H Founding Partner in a news release. “We are trying to create a better path for employees, especially workers of color, to gain from their own hard work and innovation, while also building great small companies into great bigger companies. We are deeply grateful to our institutional investors and individuals for believing in our team and our model, and are only sorry that we could not accommodate every investor who wanted to be a part of Legacy Fund I.”

Nearly half of all Americans surveyed by the Federal Reserve shared they don’t an extra $400 to spare on emergencies, while about 2/3 of Black and Latino workers retire with zero savings after a lifetime of work. Conversely, A&H says points out the average employee in an employee-owned business nearing retirement has $147,000 in his or her ESOP account, which they have not bought but rather earned from their hard work.

“Our value-proposition has been well received by business owners,” added Phil Reeves, A&H Founding Partner. “With two transactions under our belt, we have two founders/sellers who are proud of the legacy they are creating for their community and their workers by transitioning their companies into 100% employee-owned businesses through the auspices, capital and guidance of A&H. Since we focus on enterprises that have a large number of low income workers and workers of color, we know we are going to make capitalism start working for people who have been denied these opportunities for so long. You might say A&H aims to put the “equity” back in private equity.”


City of Boston Taps Brother John Matthew Borders IV (Spring 2007) as Director of Tourism, Sports and Entertainment

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu announced on January 24, 2023 that John Borders IV will serve as the new Director of Tourism, Sports and Entertainment for the City of Boston, a critical department within the Economic Opportunity and Inclusion Cabinet.

Borders IV most recently served as Principal of VTH & Madison, a consulting firm based in Boston, where he concentrated on implementing strategies focused on the growth and expansion of businesses owned by people of color like startups and celebrity boutique brands. Prior to his work at VTH & Madison, he served as an Account Executive at Everfi, a mission-driven company that addresses education inequities through data-driven software, and as Senior Manager of Community Engagement at the Boston Celtics.

“Boston is a city for everyone, with something special for every resident and every visitor to experience across our neighborhoods,” said Mayor Michelle Wu. “As Boston continues to grow and welcome people from around the globe, we look to center and highlight the vibrancy of our communities even more. I’m grateful to John for his commitment to serving our city and look forward to his leadership in ensuring that Boston is a welcoming and inclusive place for all."

“As Boston emerges from the pandemic, it is an exciting opportunity to bring residents and visitors together,” said Segun Idowu, Chief of Economic Opportunity and Inclusion. “With a vision of revitalizing our communities and turning our neighborhoods into destinations, I know that John, as a son of Boston, will enhance our standing on the local and global stage.”

In this role leading the Mayor’s Office of Tourism, Sports and Entertainment, Borders IV will help to advance the department’s new vision of creating a more welcoming City by proactively attracting the meetings, events, conventions, and festivals that amplify Boston’s rich cultural diversity and bring people together. This will be done through the planning, development, and implementation of special community-driven events and celebrations, and deeper collaboration with agencies like Meet Boston, the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority, and the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, Borders IV will oversee the process of film and TV production in the City, ensuring a broader understanding of the City's diversity is highlighted and that all neighborhoods are cast in a positive light.

"What an opportunity to join the Administration in this role at such a critical time in the history of our city,” said John Borders IV, Director of Tourism, Sports, and Entertainment. “As the narrative of Boston continues to shift we get to shape the next chapter of what that means locally, domestically, and internationally. I am excited to leverage Boston’s greatest resource - its people - to enhance the great work already being done by so many and to amplify what's to come. The possibilities are endless and the best of Boston’s communities will be showcased like never before."

A son of the City, John Borders IV is a graduate of Morehouse College and proudly hails from Dorchester, MA. With a career focused on leveraging brands for impact, his skill sets have shown forth through focused work in the areas of corporate social responsibility, community engagement, relationship management, and business development. Some of the organizations Borders IV has worked with include Goalsetter, Everfi, CUME, Morning Star Baptist Church, the Boston Celtics, as well as the Patrick administration for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Brother Alzay F. Calhoun (Spring 2000) + Gordon D. Greenwood (Spring 1984) + Jason L. Miles (Fall 2002) + Andre C. Ellis (Spring 2009) Round Out APCAA Leadership Enhancements

By BMaynard Scarborough, APCAA President

Just as we began the 365-day countdown to Centennial Charter Day, we also initiated a series of Thursday lunch sessions in Morehouse's Chivers Dining Hall that focused on strengthening the administrative flow between the APCAA Administrative team and the 32 AP100 Caucus Leaders spread throughout the nation. To that end, we've enhanced the existing structure to include project management-minded Brothers who can help drive home a successful Centennial Week.

from: ESOTERIC 13, SPRING 2000

An excellent example of these enhancements is Brother Alzay F. Calhoun, who first landed on my radar when I stumbled across one of the recent homecoming step-show rehearsals. It never registered with me just how much energy, dedication, and attention goes into this annual tradition, and Alzay's leadership amongst that group triggered an outline of exactly where we need to be organizationally in these final 11 months.

Brother Alzay F. Calhoun (Spring 2000) APCAA General Manager

As APCAA's new General Manager, Alzay is tasked with bringing some of that same precise planning and execution energy into the work of the 12 Caucus groups, or literally, keeping all of the Alpha Trains running on-time. Brother Calhoun, a Houston, Texas native, is a 2001 graduate of Morehouse College.

Alzay runs a business coaching company that advises small businesses on sales and marketing strategy. He has been helping his clients create standard operating procedures (SOPs) and sales systems since 2012. He runs a successful YouTube channel (Coveted Consultant) with case studies, video tutorials, and behind-the scenes insights.

According to Alzay, "My goal is to help APCAA apply the necessary structure and cadence to lift and deliver its fundraising efforts."


A perennial supporter of everything Alpha Rho, Brother Gordon D. Greenwood has stepped forward to serve as the Director for our essential APCAA AP100 Town Hall. If you know Greenwood's fraternal backstory, then you also know why he's the ideal Brother to direct this closing bookend to our 10-year campaign. While AP100's Saturday, January 6th evening gala & show will feature all of the bells & whistles you'd expect at an black-tie affair, the Saturday afternoon gathering will be essential in many other ways.

Specifically, this is when and where we'll recognize milestone initiates, top-grossing donors and fundraisers, walk-thru the definitive mission of APCAA, provide an annotated timeline between 2014 — 2024, and properly acknowledge the men who responded to the call to lead in 2014, and in the past few years.

Bro. Gordon D. Greenwood (Spring 1984) Program Director for APCAA Town Hall

Professionally, Brother Greenwood is a law Partner at Oakland, California-based Kazan, McClain, Satterley & Greenwood. He has made a career of representing real people. For more than 18 years, he has represented hundreds of persons who either worked with or around asbestos containing products, or whose families worked with these toxins. He has represented clients located throughout the United States, and who worked in various industries, including commercial construction, residential construction, auto maintenance and repair, military service, oil refineries and power plants.

Gordon lectures throughout the United States on subjects related to his practice and also maintains a caseload of pro bono cases. These cases are primarily focused on defending and prosecuting claims related to elder financial abuse. He is also active in fundraising for numerous Democratic political candidates and participates extensively in the community.

from: INEXORABLE 14, FALL 2002
Bro. Jason L. Miles (Fall 2002) AP100 Director for Welcoming Reception

Since our Charter Day presentation on the work accomplished to date, several Brothers have slipped a reminder note that they are available and willing to help drive the train for the next 11 months. Brother Jason L. Miles is one of those such heroes. And he has the perfect mindset and energy to organize the key setting where we all will gather for the first time during Centennial Weekend. Jason, known by his close friends as “J.Miles” or “Miles,” is from Atlanta, Georgia. He earned his B.A. in Economics from Morehouse College and his MBA from Clark Atlanta University.

Jason began his career with Boston Scientific as an award-winning individual contributor and spent a decade growing his career as a Market Development Manager, Strategic Accounts Manager, and Business Partner. He has developed an extensive background in Endourology/Women’s Health and experience in Interventional Cardiology and Structural Heart.

from: APOTHEOTIC 21, SPRING 2009
Bro. Andre C. Ellis (Spring 2009) Tax Compliance Advisor to APCAA Treasurer

Hopefully you will recall that in preparation for the Centennial Campaign, we reconfigured our non-profit structure with the IRS so that we could steward more than just cash contributions for scholarships. Brother Andre C. Ellis, CEO of Taxes Served, has joined the APCAA administration in an advisory role, working alongside APCAA Treasurer Sean M. Moss (Fall 1980) to keep our federal reporting timely, accurate, and within the guidelines. Ellis' firm is an on-demand platform founded in 2017 serving clients across the US, and is recognized for its experienced tax professionals who help clients maximize their annual refunds.

Taxes Served is among the first companies to create an ecosystem of tax professionals who are digitally connected to their customers through their platform. Taxes Served can be thought of as the Uber for the tax industry. It digitally connects consumers with professionals for an in-demand service.

Our recurring call to action

As we near our milestone anniversary, we welcome all members of the Alpha Rho family to zero in on an area where their expertise is useful to our shared celebration. You volunteer, we'll carve out a niche for you to help carry the load. We genuinely encourage the entire Brotherhood to work on the right side of this historic gathering of Alpha Phi Alpha Men.


Mario D. Ball (Fall 2002): Finding a Calling & Purpose in Making Essential Medical Technology Accessible to All

As the new US Director of Sales for Cardiac Diagnostics & Commercial Execution at Boston Scientific, Mario Ball remarks that leading is not something he planned or chose to do, rather he feels as though he was called to lead. “Leading and living a life of service is something I feel became a part of my purpose at a very young age,” he declares.

Dedicating his life to helping patients get access to medical technology

Mario is an innovative leader and dynamic engineering professional with several years of domestic and global experience in the design, development, and sales of medical devices/technology. However, his life did not start that way.

“I grew up in a small rural town in South Georgia with less than 7,000 people and was raised by grandmother until she passed away from a heart attack when I was 10 years old,” he recalls. Although devastating, it inspired Mario to ask himself three questions: “What could I have done to help save her life? What’s out there that she could have had access to, that could have helped her live longer? How can I be a part of that solution?”


Music Veteran Kennard L. Garrett (Spring 1999) And Business Partner Justin Henderson Tune Up Pace Recordings

Patience After Consistent Effort

Pace Recordings, the brainchild of music veterans Justin “Henny Tha Bizness” Henderson (Drake, Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Black Eyed Peas) and Kennard Garrett (Sting, Pussycat Dolls, Drake, Rotimi) announced its official launch. Pace Recordings aims to provide a platform for emerging artists to showcase their unique sound and style. The label will focus on a wide range of genres, from Jazz to R&B and hip-hop, with a particular emphasis on discovering and promoting underrepresented voices.

Pace Recordings will use emerging technology as a tool throughout the process of developing and presenting emerging talent. Recent partnerships of the producers include Apple, Shure, and Apogee to name a few. "We believe that there is so much untapped talent out there, and we want to give those artists a chance to be heard," said Henderson, "Our goal is to provide a supportive environment where they can flourish and reach new audiences."

“With ties to our alma mater, Morehouse College, and the neighboring Atlanta University Center (Spelman College, Clark Atlanta University, and Morris Brown College), we have a pulse on the current culture. We are immersed in the fertile ground of talent in the Atlanta music scene that has heavily influenced and changed the musical landscape of the industry over the last 30 years,” said Garrett.

Morehouse College, Spelman College, and Clark Atlanta University have spawned a number of GRAMMY nominated and GRAMMY winning artists, songwriters, and producers as well as leading music industry executives. Pace Recordings will not only provide support and resources to its artists but also will be dedicated to fostering a sense of community among its roster. This is a reemergence of the “foundation of the song,” describes Garrett, “and development of talent so that what we bring to market is timeless." The label plans to host regular events and gatherings, both online and in-person, to connect its artists with fans and industry professionals.


Brother Reginald Alexander Mathis, Esq. (Fall 1989) to Chair Alpha South's Restoration of Rights Committee

If you are a licensed attorney in Alpha South, or know of licensed attorneys in Alpha South, your fraternity needs you to assist previously convicted individuals regain their right to vote.

Over 2 million citizens in Alpha South are eligible to have their voting rights restored but need legal assistance with filing their motions in court.

"The Restoration of Rights Committee will be chaired by Brother Reginald Mathis, an attorney in Miami, Florida," said Brother Cecil E. Howard, Esq. "This committee will be comprised of lawyers and other legal-minded brothers who will seek the pro bono assistance of licensed attorneys in Alpha Phi Alpha, and other D-9 organizations, NAACP, Urban League, Boule, The Links, churches, voter protection volunteer groups, bar associations, and other persons or organizations that are genuinely interested in assisting previously convicted individuals regain their rights to vote after having paid their debts to society.

"Brother Mathis and I are very familiar with the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, the agency that leads rights restoration in Florida, as there have been past discussions with them regarding the provision of assistance to our brothers and sisters in getting their rights restored. If we are to be impactful in this endeavor, we need as many lawyers as possible (as well as the other mentioned organizations) to volunteer a few hours. The cases are not difficult or time-consuming, but they do require that the assistance be provided by licensed attorneys."

Please consider handling 1-2 cases on a pro bono basis. For more information, contact Brother Reginald Mathis, Esq. at, 954-252-5115.

The Law Office of Reginald A. Mathis & Associates is a forward-thinking law firm with its fingers on the pulse of South Florida’s legal climate. We are able to provide unparalleled service to our clients at competitive rates. In addition, given our ability to minimize costs through the use of industry-leading technology, our attorneys have time to continue learning and growing their legal knowledge and skills. We are a team of business-savvy attorneys that strive to embrace collaboration, equality, and resource to help our clients win.


Flo Rida Wins $82M Case Against Celsius Energy Drink (Bro. Reginald Alexander Mathis, Esq. Fall 1989)

Last week, it was reported that rapper Flo Rida sued Celsius Energy Drink for breach of contract, unpaid royalties, exclusion from stock options, and more. On Wednesday (Jan. 18), a verdict was found in Flo Rida’s favor, and he was awarded $82,000,000 in damages from the fitness drink company.

In a video posted to Instagram, the “Low” rapper can be seen giving his victory speech all while sipping on the very beverage that has to pay up. “I just want to say God is good, in Jesus name,” the Carol City, Fla. said as he stood with his legal team behind a podium.

Following the many thanks given to his team, he continued: “This was a long journey, but we prevailed. From the start I only wanted what I worked for, nothing more, nothing less. I was instrumental to Celsius that you know and love today, such as myself. I put them on my back. Celsius has accompanied me all over the world — through my videos, concerts, appearances and social media." He ended with, “I gained a new respect for the judicial system, most importantly, and I just want to say God bless America.”

Flo Rida, nèe Tramar Lacel Dillard’s lawsuit dates back to 2014 and 2016, when the company first breached their agreements. According to released legal documents, Flo Rida’s team claimed that Celsius did not honor the various guaranteed royalties and stock options for the rapper as he served as a driving force in the brand’s success. His team sought over $30,000 in damages — but has now walked away with even more.

Serving as a global ambassador for the brand, the lawsuit stated that: “In Flo’s mind this was always a Vitamin Water type of deal, he was signing on to 1% of the company of a multi-million dollar endorsement deal and was hardly getting paid anything for it.” Reportedly, Celsius raked in $130 million in sales revenue in 2021, but did not give Flo the royalties he deserved, including 500,000 shares of stock.

Flo Rida has not confirmed if he would ever work with the company again, but he did make it clear during his speech that he loves drinking the energy beverage.


Mount Vernon Boys’ Basketball Rises to Top Spot in Class A, Division I (Bro. Tarrik D. Mabon Spring 2005)

By Greg Oshust

It was only six years ago that the Mount Vernon boys’ basketball team struggled to a 7-22 record. The Mustangs have certainly come a long way since then as they have emerged as one of the top teams in the state this season. With a 13-7 overall record and 3-1 mark in Region 6A, Division I, Mount Vernon rose to the No. 1 spot in the ScoreAtlanta Class A, Division boys’ basketball state rankings as of Jan. 19.

It is a gratifying accomplishment for coach Tarrik Mabon, who is in his sixth year as the Mustangs coach and took over a team in 2017 that had suffered through that 7-22 record the season before. "The year before I took over, we had lost 14 games in a row," Mabon said. "So to be able to go from that to where we are now, I’m proud of the progress that we’ve made."

Pictured above: Mount Vernon's Xavier Shegog (5) tries to drive past Mount Pisgah Christian defender during the Mustangs' 56-37 victory January 10. (Photo: Betsy Armstrong).

Mount Vernon has battle tested this season, to say the least, playing some of the best teams in the state as well as a couple of the best teams in Virginia. "We’ve had our ups and downs," Mabon said. "But I expected that, because we’ve had a very challenging schedule. We played two top teams already and five top-five teams in different classes. We played three (Class) AAAAAAA schools and a variety of AAAAA and AAAAAA schools and went to Virginia and played against two of the top teams in the state in Flint Hill Prep and St. Anne’s Belfield.

So, when you schedule aggressive like that, you take some bumps and bruises along the way. But I feel it was necessary. I feel like we were good enough to play that schedule and I’m proud of the lessons that we’ve learned and I’m hoping that scheduling so aggressively so early will play dividends going into the home stretch."

A big key to Mount Vernon’s success is its size, with 6-foot-8 senior Keith Williams, Jr., 6-10 junior Dennis Scott III, 6-6 Xavier Shegog, 6-4 junior Sha’Yah Goba and 6-3 senior guards Kenny Southall and A.J. Patterson leading the way. "That’s our advantage," said Mabon of his team’s size. "To attack the rim, to rebound the ball and we try to utilize our size with defense as well." Junior Cole Carroll, sophomore Pace Bottoms and freshman point guard Gabe Alterman have also played key roles for the Mustangs.

“We’re taking it one game at a time,” Mabon said. “We’re a great team when we focus on the intangibles and that being, first of all, rebounding the ball, sharing the ball, having good energy throughout the game. Those intangibles are what make us great. When we are good in those categories, we are a very good team."

While Mount Vernon has come a long way, Mabon said that his team still has a long way to go. "So over the Christmas break and over the past couple weeks, we’ve been focusing on that – being first to the ball, diving on the floor for loose balls, communicating on defense," he said. "Those are the things that will allow us to be the team that we’re capable of being. It’s not going to be the 3-point shooting or the ball handling or the play calling, anything like that. It’s about the battle between our ears."

"We’re one of the most talented teams in the state and everybody knows that," Mabon said. "But we have yet to be that consistently – we’ve shown signs. But I hope over these next couple of months, we’ll show the state exactly how good we are."


MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Taps Brother Xavier Holston-Sims (Spring 2018) For 2023 Mentorship Program

We are incredibly excited to announce our class of mentees for the 2023 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference! Xavier Holston-Sims is a Senior Strategy Analyst at Accenture, based in Washington, DC.

The Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Mentorship Program is focused on women and black undergraduate students, graduate students, and those early in their career with interest in a sports career. This application-based program includes 74 mentees representing 46 schools and 14 companies.

These selected candidates will attend the 17th Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, receive guidance & support from a senior professional in the sports industry for 6 months, and enjoy networking opportunities, career advice, skill-building workshops, and more.

The 2023 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference will be held on March 3 - March 4, 2023 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA. Features Brother Shaun Rodgers (Spring 2002) and Wife Jacquelyn Rodgers in Webseries "Couch Conversations"

Do you work with your spouse? What would you say are the pros and cons? With growth brings change. But sometimes change is uncomfortable. Kevin & Melissa sit with Destiny & Devontae and Jackie & Shaun as they discuss the ups and downs of evolving as individuals, together as partners and parents. On episode 4 of Couch Conversations Jackie and Shaun talk being married and running a business together.

Couch Conversations is presented in partnership with @Target.


Brother Dr. Reginald A. Crenshaw, Sr. (Spring 1977) Re-elected To Mobile County Board of School Commissioners

Mobile County Public Schools welcomes one re-elected member of the Mobile County Board of School Commissioners, who was sworn in early January, 2023 at the Cypress Auditorium.

Brother Dr. Reginald Crenshaw, the current board Vice President, was elected to his third term on the board as the representative for District 3. A graduate of Blount High School and Morehouse College, he also holds a master's degree in public administration from the University of South Alabama and a doctorate in higher education administration from the University of Southern Mississippi. He is also an administrator at Bishop State Community College.


Brother Brandon Lamar Jackson (Spring 2006) Asked To Approach The Bench As An Assistant Federal Public Defender at Federal Defender Organizations

A May 2007 The Phi Beta Kappa graduate from Morehouse College, Brother Brandon L. Jackson has been appointed as an Assistant Federal Public Defender with Federal Defender Organizations. He previously practiced law with ArchCity Defenders and Brown & Crouppen Law Firm, both in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. Brandon earned his J.D. from University of Illinois College of Law in 2012.

With the Criminal Justice Act of 1964, 18 U.S.C. § 3006A, and its subsequent amendment in 1970, Congress established a comprehensive system for appointing and compensating lawyers to represent financially eligible defendants in federal criminal proceedings. Today, there are 82 authorized federal defender organizations that employ more than 4,000 lawyers, investigators, paralegals, and support personnel and serve 90 of the 94 federal judicial districts.


New York City BY-Peers To Be Led Chief Activator Robert L. Newman III (Fall 2013)

The BY-Peers community is a pillar of support for black professionals across their entire career journey. BYP Network, described by many as “LinkedIn for black professionals” helps to connect ambitious future leaders for networking purposes and with corporations for job opportunities. From those who have recently landed a new role, are new the city to those who have embarked on their latest entrepreneurial journey or have moved into leadership.

As the Chief Activator for the New York City market, Newman is responsible for creating valuable opportunities for the BY-Peer Group members to network, upskill and share knowledge.

With 150k members, 50+ events a year and hundreds of mentorship opportunities, BYP Network is the partner of choice for hundreds of organizations looking to genuinely diversify their talent pools by tapping into the Black professional community.

BYP Network was founded by the need to connect Black professionals and students from all over the world for role model visibility, career opportunities, business support and ultimately to solve our own problems. In 2020, BYP held a historic million dollar crowdfund, grew the team by ten-fold and doubled down our efforts of "changing the Black narrative."


Brother Michael J. Cox (Fall 1977) Raises A New Roof At Habitat for Humanity International

Veteran fundraising professional Michael J. Cox has joined Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based Habitat for Humanity International as Vice President for Individual Giving. Cox perviously held leaderships roles at BlueSky Collaborative Partners, College Possible, and UNCF.

Habitat for Humanity, founded in 1976, is a global, Christian-based nonprofit organization that grew out of an intentionally multi-racial community in rural Georgia. Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat brings together people of all faiths and people of no faith to build homes, communities and hope. Working alongside each other, we help families and individuals build and improve places to call home and achieve the strength, stability and self-reliance they need to build better lives for themselves. Habitat seeks individuals who have a willingness to affirm these principles and values.


Morehouse College Establishes Music Endowment Fund In Honor Of Brother Uzee Brown, Jr. (Fall 1969)

The purpose of the Uzee Brown, Jr. Music Endowment Fund is to establish a reliable and annually consistent fund for the support of cultural activities such as workshops, concerts, recitals, symposia, master classes, and mini-residencies by guest artists and practicing professionals in the field.

Uzee Brown, Jr., a native of Cowpens, S.C., is Former Chair of the Division of Creative and Performing Arts at Morehouse College and editor of the Morehouse College Choral Series at GIA Publications in Chicago, Illinois. He formerly served as Chair of Music at Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta University, and director of the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church Choir in Atlanta, GA.

Dr. Brown holds a BA degree from Morehouse College, a Masters degree in Composition from Bowling Green State University, and master and doctoral degrees from the University of Michigan. In 2011 he was voted Vulcan Teacher of the Year at Morehouse College and is past president of the National Association of Negro Musicians (founded 1919).

Among his many performances are world premier performances in the role of Parson Alltalk in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s world premier of Scott Joplin’s Treemonisha, the leading role in Emory University’s King Solomon with music by celebrated composer James Oliverio, and Mr. Letterlaw in the world premier of Zabette. Brown is co-founder of Onxy Opera Atlanta, 1988 and founder and director of the Uzee Brown Society of Choraliers (2009), a choral ensemble comprised of some of the most gifted singers in metropolitan Atlanta, with its 5th CD recording completed in 2019.

Uzee Brown has written music for two of Spike Lee’s movies, School Daze and Red Hook Summer. Additionally, he has written works for National Public Radio and the Atlanta Symphony, including an orchestral setting for chorus of We Shall Overcome for the celebration of the 70th birthday of M.L. King, Jr. Dr. Brown’s commissions include works for colleges, universities, soloists and ensembles, along with commissioned works for the inauguration of four (4) Morehouse College presidents.


Brother Terrick A. Guitierrez (Spring 2017) Brings Imagery To Life For hulu's 1619 Project Docuseries Premiere Event

Brother Terrick Gutierrez was recently commissioned to create a 6ft x 15ft painting for hulu networks and the 1619 Project docuseries premiere at the Academy Museum in Los Angeles, California. The finished work is entitled, “The Silhouette." According to the artist, "I really enjoyed this opportunity and I got to meet some amazing people, 1619 Project creator Nikole Hannah-Jones and series director Roger Ross Williams."

hulu’s six-part 1619 docuseries is an expansion of “The 1619 Project” created by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones and the New York Times Magazine. The series seeks to reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of Black Americans at the very center of our national narrative.

The series is directed by Roger Ross Williams, pictured with Terrick at right, who also serves as an executive producer.


Alpha Rho Chapter Brotherhood Celebrates 99th Charter Day — Thursday, January 5, 2023

In Atlanta Brothers Garrett, Buchanan, Rodgers, Frazier, McDaniel, Armstrong, Ethel, Hawkins, Leslie, Croxton, Chester, Stovall, Manous, Hall, and Miles.

In Chicago — Brothers McMillan, Bell, Mercer, Salter, Traylor, Emebo, Gordon, Boyd, Burley, Courtney, LeBeouf, Brice, and Bacon.

In Houston — Brothers Cole, Gilbert, Price, Hernandez, Steward, Haynes, Haines, and, not sure. (Picture taken by Stevie Wonder).

In Washington, DC — Brothers Macklin, Dunn, Williams, Hamilton, Nearon, Rhim, and Smith.

In St. Louis — Brothers Vannoy, Jackson, Austin, Boyd, Mathis, and Watson.

In Miami — Brothers Mathis, Jones, and Qualls.

More than 250 Alpha Rho Chapter Alums joined our annual Charter Day Zoom Zoom Zoom Call.

Also in December at Alpha Phi Alpha Founders Day 2022 — Brothers Nickerson, Ferguson, Yates, A Guest, Richards, Tyler, Greene, Street, Young, Fridie, Morse, Auzenne, Ward, and Rhim.


Fall 2021 AP Brothers Javier Rodriguez, Rodney Gross, and Uzee Brown (Fall 1969) Featured in MLK Tribute by MTV Studios + Morehouse CTEMS

The new commercial collaboration between @mtv + @morehouse1867 premiered for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday, just prior to the start of Black History Month.

The team worked in tandem with students at Morehouse College (Cinema, Television, and Emerging Media Studies Program), to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in this PSA featuring his uplifting speech on perseverance, "Keep Moving from This Mountain."


Alpha Rho Undergrads Join Peer Chapters From Clark Atlanta University, Georgia State University, and Alumni Chapter Eta Lambda in Annual MLK Day Parade

The Alpha Rho Chapter undergrad Brotherhood with Miss Black & Gold Court in downtown Atlanta – Monday, January 16, 2023.


Brother Phito Jean-Louis (Fall 2021) Signs On As Sales Development Representative At Salesforce, Inc.

Brother Phito Jean-Louis has joined the Salesforce workforce following his May 2022 graduation from Morehouse College with a degree in Business Administration and concentration in Finance. He was active with Both the Emerging Leaders Program and Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society.

Prior to his first career opportunity at Salesforce, Jean-Louis completed internships with 3M (Field Sales Intern), Johnson and Johnson (Talent Acquisition Intern), and served as Department of Student Life Intern at Morehouse College during his undergraduate years.

Salesforce, Inc. is a major American cloud-based software company that provides CRM services. Salesforce is a popular CRM tool for support, sales, and marketing teams worldwide. Salesforce services allow businesses to use cloud technology to better connect with partners, customers, and potential customers.


Brother Jason L. Miles (Fall 2002) Gets On Board (Member) at Covenant HealthShare

Atlanta, Georgia-based Covenant HealthShare has added Brother Jason L. Miles to its Board of Directors. For the past 30 years, Covenant HealthShare's Health Care Sharing Ministry (HCSM) has provided Christians the opportunity to share in each other’s eligible medical needs through a faith-centered healthcare program. It is the catalyst for the collection and distribution of its members’ medical sharing programs and is a national, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization making a global impact through the support we provide to their members and other charitable organizations.

Covenant’s history is rich in American culture and traces its roots back to Memphis, Tennessee. As one of the first mega churches in Atlanta, Covenant’s predecessor has created community and has a vast history of sharing in members’ medical needs since the early 1990s. The predecessor had been a cornerstone of the community and earned a historic title since operations began over 80 years ago.

Modern times have allowed them the opportunity to broaden their community and extend health care sharing plans, also known as medical cost sharing programs, to a wider community of nationwide believers. The mission is simple: To glorify God through the facilitation of sharing members’ medical needs, provide support and prayer in members’ time of burden, preach and empower the Word of God, and encourage a healthy lifestyle for Christ.

Professionally, Miles recently joined Hologic in January, 2023 as the Director of National Accounts. Headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts, Hologic is a global medical technology company offering cutting-edge solutions that enhance and save lives.


Brother Cameron D. Hawkins (Fall 2003) Elected to Executive Board of Gate City Bar Association

Georgia's Gate City Bar Association recently announced that Brother Cameron D. Hawkins was recently elected to the Executive Board of the historic legal organization. Established in 1948, the Gate City Bar Association is the oldest African-American Bar Association in the State of Georgia. The Gate City Bar Association was organized by ten African-American lawyers to provide the educational, social and community involvement of a professional association for African-American lawyers, who had been excluded from participating in the segregated bar associations in Atlanta and throughout the State.

Mr. Cameron D. Hawkins is a trial lawyer who specializes in civil litigation with an emphasis on wrongful death, catastrophic injury, premises liability, transportation, and trucking law. Mr. Hawkins is passionate about the law and fervently advocates for each of his clients.

A Des Moines, Iowa native, Mr. Hawkins has established deep roots in Georgia. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Morehouse College and later earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Georgia School of Law.


SiriusXM Plugs Into Brother Gabriel Brown (Spring 2019) For New Marketing Role

May 2021 Morehouse College graduate Brother Gabriel S. Brown has landed a gig as an Experience Marketing and Partnership Associate at SiriusXM. Brown, a Theatre major and Sociology minor from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania gained industry experience while serving as the College Marketing Representative for Warner Music Group, Marketing Strategy Intern at StreamCut Media, LLC, and Marketing Manager for Sovereign Sounds.

SiriusXM and its brands (Pandora, Stitcher, SXM Media, AdsWizz, Simplecast, and SiriusXM Connected Vehicle Services) are leading a new era of audio entertainment and services by delivering the most compelling subscription and ad-supported audio entertainment experience for listeners in the car, at home, and anywhere on the go with connected devices. Their vision is to shape the future of audio, where everyone can be effortlessly connected to the voices, stories and music they love wherever they are.


Collective Noir Profiles Brother Michael Lomax (Fall 2021)

Collective Noir is a peer-based professional and social network for young Black professionals and visionaries.

Q: What are you currently working on?

A: Currently, I am newly a part of the A&R team at Rare Sound Studios with Ty Sanders, and I am in the process of finding and working with up-and-coming talent within the Atlanta area. I am also a part of the Cr8 Agency PR Team under Vaughn Alvarez.

Q: Why is a space for young Black professionals and creatives important?

A: It's important because we need to inspire the youth. The youth need to be able to see that young Black professionalism not only exists but that it’s achievable.

Q: Anything else you would like to share?

A: The journey has not been easy — a lot of trial and error. I struggled to figure out where I fit in within different industries. Yet I had faith and believed that with consistency and a want to learn that more would come. I began to network and put myself in rooms where maybe not even a single person knew who or why I was there, but regardless I believed that I should be in the room. I continued to network, which allowed me to be in different spaces I never thought I'd be in. I learned to be consistent and introduce myself to new areas despite my skepticism. Be on the lookout for me in the marketing space. More to come from Rare Sound Studios and Cr8 Agency.


City of Union City, Georgia Mayor Appoints Brother Kyle B. Durham (Spring 2019) As Executive Assistant

Brother Kyle Brandon Durham has joined the City of Union City Government as the Executive Assistant to the Mayor of Union City, Vince R. Williams. Taking office in May 2013, the Honorable Vince R. Williams is Union City’s twentieth mayor. Durham arrives with expertise in managing a diverse range of projects including product launches, branding campaigns, content Management initiatives & corporate events across media, entertainment and more.

Union City, Georgia was established on August 17, 1908. Since that time, the community has continued to evolve and is known for its quiet neighborhoods and growing business districts. Our Elected Officials serve as the community’s decision-makers and consist of four(4) Council Members and one (1) Mayor. Located in the southern portion of Fulton County, Union City (UC) is an exuberating and a rising city with a big heart.


Creative Team (Staff) Assembled To Stage Historic "Alpha Rho Show" Highlight Of Chapter's January 2024 Centennial Gala

Award-winning Atlanta-based Stage And Screen Creatives Avery O Williams & Jeremy Cormier Help Keep The Production All Within The Morehouse College Family

By BMaynard Scarborough, APCAA President

To be clear and to help manage expectations surrounding "The Alpha Rho Show" portion of our upcoming Centennial Gala: It will be historic; it will be spectacular; it will be an experience for the ages ... 100 ages, exactly. It will not feature welcome addresses, proclamations, rows of dignitaries on stage, or endless recognitions. To sum, it'll be a "show" in every sense of the word.

That expectation calls for specialized screen and stage directorial talent, and fortunately, Atlanta is a major hub for creatives who think big, and deliver strong. Their credentials featured below provide rationale on why we've chosen to partner with them as Co-Creative Directors for this unique production. So now entering the chat, at stage right:

Morehouse College Alpha Brother Avery O Williams (Eta Lambda Spring 1988) is a screenwriter, director and professor with an MFA from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts. He recently directed the pilot episode for the Emmy nominated and award winning series, "Intersection," which premiered on WABE TV. Avery also co-directed the feature film Misguided Behavior with Carl Payne, and the TVOne feature film Skinned with LisaRaye McCoy.

Bro. Avery O Williams (Eta Lambda Spring 1988) AP100 Co-Creative Director

As a screenwriter, Avery co-wrote the feature Directing Eddie (starring Valerie Perrine, Jade Barrymore) voted Best Comedy, 2001 New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, and the film short The Willie Witch Projects (distributed by Trimark Pictures in the compilation The Bogus Witch Project) as well as co-producing the award-winning short film Notes In A Minor Key (Keith David, Harry Lennix) for Hollywood Pictures. Recently he has directed other short films including Two Roads, ReConnect, and Fight For Hope (which won 1st place in the Lights, Camera, Georgia film competition).

For the theater, Avery co-produced Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues directed by Penny Marshall (2005) and Penny Johnson Jerald (2006). He wrote the books for musicals TLC (A Tribute to Tracy Coley), The Chocolate Factory, Pino and Everything Changes, each directed by Denise Dowse and executive produced by Wendy Raquel Robinson. For the national stage, Avery wrote and produced A Mother's Prayer and What A Woman Will Do For Love starring Raven Symone, Ann Nesby, Howard Hewett and Lashun Pace. Avery also produced Tom Coles' Medal of Honor Rag, starring Heavy D, directed by Delroy Lindo and executive produced by Will Smith.

He is one of the founding faculty members of the Cinema, Television and Emerging Media Studies Department at Morehouse College in Atlanta GA where he currently serves as an Assistant Professor.

Producer, Director, Playwright, and Morehouse c/o 2008 Brother Jeremy E. Cormier is the CEO of Jeremy Cormier Presents, an entertainment production company based in Atlanta, Georgia. At the helm of his own production company, he serves multiple roles as executive producer, director, and playwright on many of the company’s projects. He has worked on several service and entertainment projects over the last 16 years. Cormier started his entertainment experience by interning on multiple productions touring in Atlanta during his college matriculation. Cormier recently served on the touring production team for the iconic superstar “Queen of Pop,” Janet Jackson.

He currently serves on the board of the James Brown Family Foundation as Director of Special Programming and a board member for Dominion Arts Foundation. Cormier spends a lot of his time producing senior citizen events throughout the city of Atlanta. He is currently producing a student musical titled “It’s A New Day” and serving as associate producer on Dreamgirls: The Musical, coming to Atlanta summer of 2023.

Cormier was born in Lafayette, Louisiana and now for the last 18 years has been residing in Atlanta, GA. In addition to his Business Administration degree from Morehouse College, he earned an MBA from South University in 2012.


Now Loading ... Centennial Scholarship Gala Sponsor:

Morehouse College Alphas (MCA) is an auxiliary fundraising group designed to provide scholarship funds for Morehouse College students. This group is currently forming with the goal of participating as a "Maroon Level Presenting Sponsor" for the Alpha Rho Chapter Centennial Scholarship Gala on Saturday, January 6, 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia.


All RHOads Lead To ALPHA RHO — January 5-7, 2024 — Our Historic CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION in Atlanta!

By APCAA Staff

Atlanta's landmark Westin Peachtree Plaza has been named as the host hotel for Alpha Rho Chapter's Centennial Weekend in January 2024, and we are now accepting hotel reservations for our upcoming event stay. Based on our Chapter-wide survey of potential attendees conducted on August 25, 2022, with some 166 responses captured within a 24-hour period, the Brotherhood was clear in their lodging needs.

We took that trend into consideration when identifying and negotiating the final room block:

As planners for this highly anticipated gathering of some 400-500 Alpha Rho Men from seven decades of Morehouse College life, we have dedicated the past 12 months to careful alignment of experiences and locations that will make the entire Brotherhood proud. This early delivery of the host hotel is the first in a series of event releases that will follow in the first quarter of 2023.

Through our exclusive website link featured below you can now book, modify or cancel your hotel reservations and receive updated information about the event. We look forward to seeing you during Centennial Weekend!

Notes on booking:

  • The exclusive rate of $179 is valid until the entire AP hotel block is filled.

  • When completing the on-line reservation, simply keep the default setting to "1 guest" in place, regardless of whether there will be a companion in your stay or not.

  • The booking portal will remain exclusive to Alpha Rho Brothers from December 20, 2022 thru January 6, 2023.

  • To eliminate any undue financial risk to the APCAA, we will closely monitor booking levels, and will authorize additional blocks in increments of 50/rooms. If you are "wait listed" at the time of booking, please contact and we will force book and confirm on your behalf.

  • Hospitality suite and guest room suite rates will be made available in Spring 2023. It is highly recommended that at a minimum, a standard room reservation be made within the AP block at this first offering, and later upgraded when those rates have been negotiated.

  • Local (Atlanta) Brothers can take advantage of private hotel-to-venue executive coach transport included in their hotel bookings. (A separate transport fee will be levied for transient passengers who are not host hotel registrants).

  • Modifications/cancellations can be made as late as 3 days prior to check-in with no penalty

Reservation Link👇

About the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel:

The Westin Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta is the tallest hotel in the state of Georgia and the third-tallest in the country. The Downtown Atlanta hotel is one of the best luxury hotels in Atlanta. Rising 723 feet above the heart of the city, The Westin Peachtree Plaza, Atlanta features world-class service, superb amenities, and an unparalleled location. The hotel is moments away from Atlanta's best-known attractions - from the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca-Cola to State Farm Arena, Centennial Olympic Park, and the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. With amazing 360-degree views of the entire city, The Westin Peachtree Plaza is a distinctive landmark on the Atlanta skyline.

Revitalizing Guest Rooms Restore your body and mind at the end of the day in one of our comfortable 1,073 guestrooms, featuring:

  • 24 luxury suites, including two bi-level Presidential and Chairman Suites.

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows.

  • Signature Heavenly® Bed and Bath amenities, including a rain shower and curved curtain rod.

  • 42-inch flat panel television, high-speed internet access, Starbucks® coffee with Westin WakeCup® brewer, laptop safe, and large work desk with an ergonomic chair.

  • Make a Green Choice Program.

  • In-Room Dining, available 24-hours; refreshment center options available upon request.

  • Complimentary entrance into WestinWORKOUT® Fitness Studio and indoor/outdoor pool.

Mobile Check-In & Mobile Key — Guests can check in before their stay, receive instant alerts when their room is ready and check out by skipping the front desk. Additional any iOS user can use their mobile phone as a secured room key.

Dining The Sun Dial Restaurant, Bar & View Innovative regional fine dining in a glass-walled dining room with 360-degree views of the city from 73 stories up.

Bar 210 Newly renovated Bar 210 is the place to catch up with friends and colleagues, indulge in signature cocktails, a light bite or unwind for the evening.

The Café Southern-style buffet breakfast including eggs made to order, fresh pastries, Belgian waffles and fruit. A la carte items are also available.

Starbucks® Coffffee Bar A variety of coffee and fresh, rich-brewed, Italian-style espresso beverages, pastries, small snacks and confections.

Reservation Link👇


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