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Alpha Rho Chapter Alumni's Summer 2023 Digest + Centennial Funding/Staffing Updates

This Edition of the APCAA Digest features updates on 28 Brothers from the Alpha Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and their professional developments, transitions, artistic pursuits, industry projects, awards and recognitions.

Also — we announce several leadership enhancements for AP100, and provide updates on Brothers who are leading the way in providing sponsorship for Centennial Week 2024.


King Charles III of United Kingdom Receives Commissioned Portrait of Windrush Generation's Sir Geoff Palmer OBE From Celebrated Artist Bro. Derek O. Fordjour (Delta Chi Spring 1993)

Renowned artist Derek Fordjour was at Buckingham Palace where he presented a portrait of Sir Geoff Palmer OBE to the Royal Family, including King Charles III and Queen Camilla as part of a commemoration of Wind Rush Day. This special exhibition features ten portraits of members of the Windrush Generation. The portraits were commissioned by His Majesty The King, to mark the 75th anniversary of the arrival of HMT Empire Windrush on the shores of mainland Britain on 22 June 1948.

These early pioneers who left their homelands and all that was familiar to them, and the generations who followed them, worked hard to rebuild a country emerging from the ravages of the Second World War and were key to the development of essential infrastructure, including health and transport services. These remarkable people, who showed resilience and pride throughout their lives, represent the positive impact of diversity across Britain.

This special exhibition of ten Windrush portraits were created by ten Black artists in recognition of the tremendous impact of the Windrush Generation on the United Kingdom. Sir Geoff Palmer OBE is one of ten pioneers of the Windrush Generation honored with portraits for the prestigious Royal Collection. The entire show of portraits will travel to Washington, DC's National Portrait Gallery in October.

The Windrush Ten and their 10 artists are: Delisser Bernard by artist Honor Titus, Alford Gardner by artist Chloe Cox, Linda Haye, OBE by artist Shannon Bono, Edna Henry by artist Amy Sherald, Carmen Esme Munroe, OBE by artist Sonia Boyce, OBE, RA, Gilda Oliver by artist Clifton Powell, Professor Sir Godfrey (Geoff) Palmer, OBE, CD by artist Derek Fordjour, Laceta Reid by artist Serge Attukwei Clottey, John (Big John) Richards by artist Deanio X, Jessie Stephens, MBE, SLPM by artist Sahara Longe.

Bro. Derek Fordjour was born in 1974 in Memphis, Tennessee to parents of Ghanaian heritage. He earned a BA at Morehouse College before receiving an MEd in Arts Education at Harvard University and an MFA in painting at Hunter College. He was recently appointed the Alex Katz Chair at Cooper Union and serves as a Core Critic at the Yale School of Art. He was named the 2016 Sugarhill Museum Artist-in-Residence and the 2018 Deutsche Bank NYFA Fellow.


‘Rising Star’ Physician Tackles Rare Cancer (Bro. Idoroenyi Amanam Fall 2002)

It was truly a match made in heaven when myeloproliferative neoplasm patient Jim Kahan connected with City of Hope blood cancer specialist Idoroenyi Amanam, M.D.

Jim Kahan is a retired electrical engineer who still thinks like one. He can expertly master complex details, a skill that served him well, first with Western Electric and Bell Labs, both part of the then-enormous AT&T and, later, when he pivoted to management, joining SBC — one of the “Baby Bells” — and deftly helping it grow into a new juggernaut through mergers and acquisitions.

By the time he called it a career in 2007, Kahan was already several years into dealing with a chronic blood disorder called polycythemia vera (PV). People with PV produce too many red blood cells, leading to thickening of the blood and often producing dangerous clots and other complications. Every few months, Kahan would visit his hematologist to have some of that excess blood removed. This worked fine for 20 years. But Kahan began to notice a change.

“My body seemed to get tired of making too many blood cells and started making too few," he said. Instead of having excess blood removed, he began needing blood transfusions. Kahan’s PV had progressed to an even more serious condition known as post-polycythemia myelofibrosis. Scar tissue was forming in his bone marrow, crowding out healthy cells. This condition can lead to anemia, an enlarged spleen and, sometimes, acute myeloid leukemia.

Extremely Rare Blood Cancer: Kahan’s two ailments are part of a group of blood cancers called myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN). MPNs are exceedingly rare: Fewer than 300,000 people in the U.S. have them. Equally rare is expertise in the field. A typical oncologist might never see a case of MPN. Methodically, like an engineer, Kahan went looking for answers, seeking out top MPN experts at major comprehensive cancer centers across the country. City of Hope was not yet on his list. “I’d never heard of City of Hope,” he said.

What he didn’t know at the time was that, not far from Kahan’s Los Angeles home, a shy, young doctor with an unusual background was increasingly getting noticed as an up-and-coming MPN specialist, both on the clinical side and especially as a leading researcher.

Idoroenyi Amanam, M.D., didn’t start out intending to be a physician. A child of immigrants from Nigeria, Amanam was born in the U.S., but when he was 2 months old, the family returned to Africa. Amanam spent most of his first five years in Port Harcourt, Nigeria’s fifth largest city. Returning to America for elementary school, his classmates teased Amanam for his heavily accented English. “I worked hard to get rid of that accent,” he recalled. He worked hard at other things, too, building a stellar academic record and winning a Congressional Award for service in high school. “I volunteered at a nursing home, participated in food drives, a soup kitchen, trash clean-up events. I also tutored elementary school kids,” he said.

Called to Oncology: His first plan was to study computer engineering. But a personal tragedy changed his direction. “When I was in college,” he explained, his voice cracking just a bit, “a close family member died of colon cancer. Her doctors were amazing. How they communicated with us. How they helped us understand. I wanted to be just like them.” And he wanted to focus on oncology.

“Cancer patients are so humble,” Dr. Amanam said. “They didn’t choose their situation. And it’s a humbling experience to take care of them. We don’t understand everything [about cancer], but we do know that having a connection with the patient helps them go through the process.” After medical school in Tennessee and residency at UCLA, Amanam secured a hematology/oncology fellowship at City of Hope in 2016. He’s been here ever since, impressing, among others, his supervisor/mentor/lab partner and friend, Guido Marcucci, M.D.

“He is a rising star,” said Marcucci, chief of the Division of Leukemia and professor and chair of the Department of Hematologic Malignancies Translational Science. “He is a physician-scientist who can connect the dots, combine the clinical with the lab results. Yes, he was a little bit shy, but once he got comfortable here, we got to see how great he is.


Bro. Jason K. Edwards (Fall 1998) Carries Forward His Father's Legacy At First Juneteenth Concert At The White House

Bro. Edwards, U.S. Congresswoman (Texas, 18th District) Sheila Jackson Lee, and Alana Edwards Holloway (sister)

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden hosted a Juneteenth concert in a “celebration of community, culture and music,” the White House announced Wednesday. The concert was held on the South Lawn of the White House. During the event, the White House said it would “uplift American art forms that sing to the soul of the American experience” as part of Black Music Month.

Artists featured included Tony Award winner Audra McDonald, singer and talk show host Jennifer Hudson, and Cliff “Method Man” Smith, a member of the legendary hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan.

Juneteenth USA (JUSA) was founded in 1985 by the late State Representative Al Edwards, Sr. (D-TX). Juneteenth USA is the oldest Juneteenth nonprofit advocacy organization in the United States. Its sole purpose at its founding was to raise awareness of the Juneteenth Holiday, support events, the arts, and education for that purpose, and encourage state legislative bodies around the US to take up the law in their state legislatures and pass it as a state holiday. Under the leadership of State Rep. Al Edwards, Sr. over 30 state legislatures around the country passed a bill making Juneteenth or “June 19th” a state holiday.

Al Edwards, Sr. passed away in 2020, a year before the state holiday would become a national holiday. Since his passing, three of his children have stepped into his legacy to continue to advance the new mission of Juneteenth USA. That is to serve as the nation’s premier organization to screen and fund exceptional projects that elevate the history of African Americans and the significance of Juneteenth, while also partnering with like-minded individuals and corporate partners to uplift the population most affected by American slavery.

Along with locating and supporting meaningful music-related projects, the fine arts, and educational programs Juneteenth USA's primary goal is to uplift the population most affected by American slavery. With your support, we will throughout the year provide scholarships to HBCU students and K-12 STEAM-focused educational programs, along with funding early-intervention mentoring and supportive programs that focus on helping young Black males. Advocating for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness starts with protecting one's life and their liberty. Education and guiding young minds to make better decisions are key components. With your support, we plan to honor the lives and liberty lost during the era of slavery by helping those that still find the pursuit of happiness elusive.


Bro. Hon. Louis W. Sullivan M.D. (Fall 1951) Honored By Arnold P. Gold Foundation For A Lifetime Of Achievement

By Brianne Alcala

The Founding Dean and President Emeritus of the Morehouse School of Medicine and former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, Dr. Sullivan received the 2023 National Humanism in Medicine Medal

Dr. Louis Sullivan was born during the Great Depression and grew up in rural Georgia, in a town called Blakely, where his father was a funeral director. The importance of access to medicine was imprinted very early on young Louis. When Black people were ill, Dr. Sullivan recalled in an interview recently, they had the unfortunate choices of trying to recover on their own, entering through the back door of the local white doctor’s office and waiting until he was done with all of his white patients, which was demeaning and not acceptable – or traveling more than 40 miles to the nearest Black physician, Dr. Joseph Griffin.

Dr. Griffin was famous in southwest Georgia. He was the only Black doctor in the region, based in the town of Bainbridge, where he had built up a 25-bed hospital. He was highly respected. To reach him, though, was not easy. When Louis was a child, his father owned a rare automobile, the funeral home’s hearse. And if a Black neighbor was very sick and could afford it, they would pay for ambulance services, essentially, and be transported in the Sullivan family hearse to Dr. Griffin. And sometimes young Louis would ride along.

“I decided around age 5 that I was going to be a doctor,” Dr. Sullivan said. “I was going to be like Dr. Griffin. I was going to have the abilities that he had to cure people from illness and injury.“

Dr. Louis Sullivan at his medical school graduation in 1958 with his mother, left, and father, and a family friend. (Source: Breaking Ground memoir. Used with permission.)

What he didn’t know at age 5 was that his quest to help others heal would indeed take him to medical school, like Dr. Griffin – and then much farther: all the way to the nation’s capital. He would never return to small-town Blakely, Georgia, to practice. He attended Morehouse College for his undergraduate education, then Boston University for medical school, and on to residency at New York Hospital – Cornell Medical Center, a clinical fellowship in pathology at Massachusetts General Hospital, and a research fellowship in hematology at the Thorndike Memorial Laboratory of Harvard Medical School, Boston City Hospital. He would become head of the hematology department at Boston City Hospital, and then return to his college alma mater to create the Morehouse School of Medicine as its Founding Dean and then President.

From there, he would get a call from President George H.W. Bush, who asked him to become the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, a role that would allow him to make an even bigger impact and help improve the health of all Americans.

Throughout this distinguished career, Dr. Sullivan’s calling has remained rooted in caring for people and working to ensure better health and better lives. Though he wouldn’t have used the term “humanism” as a young boy, humanism was embedded in his childhood, as he watched his parents care for others. The thread of compassion, collaboration, and scientific excellence is woven throughout his life and his distinguished career.

President George H.W. Bush’s first cabinet meeting, January 20, 1989, with Dr. Louis Sullivan, then Secretary of Health and Human Services. (Source: Breaking Ground memoir. Used with permission.)

On June 20th, the Honorable Dr. Louis Sullivan will be awarded the Gold Foundation’s 2023 National Humanism in Medicine Medal at its Annual Gala for his expansive and unique contributions to healthcare in America. He will be honored alongside three other clinician leaders: Dr. Gina S. Brown, Dean of Howard University’s College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences; Dr. Richard I. Levin, President and CEO of the Gold Foundation, who is retiring this summer after a remarkable 12-year tenure; and Dr. Eileen Sullivan-Marx, Dean of the NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing and Gold Trustee.


Drs. Carlton (Fall 1957) & Barbara Molette — A Partnership & Life In The Theatre — 2023 Distinguished Career Award

By Ricky Ramon

Professor Carlton Molette, PhD, reminds me of my own father. I could sit on our front porch and listen to my father's stories for hours. Molette knows a lot — A LOT! — about topics ranging from famous actors — (and yes, I'm talking about his most famous student — Samuel L. Jackson) to the Spanish Golden Age dramas. I wish there had been more time to listen to all the stories Molette wanted to share with the audience attending his keynote at the 2023 SETC Convention, and with me in an interview that followed.

SETC Executive Director Toni Simmons Hensen was smiling ear to ear as she welcomed Molette, the recipient along with his wife Barbara (posthumously) of SETC's 2023 Distinguished Career Award. In her introduction, Henson turned to Molette and shared, "I don't know if you realize how much you mean to me." A quiver in her voice turned into a bit of a chuckle as he took a seat across from Molette and began the hour-long Q&A session.

Molette was born in 1939 in Pine Bluff, AK. His parents met while working at Arkansas Agricultural, Mechanical and Norman University for Negroes, now the University of Arkanas at Pine Bluff. After his parents divorced, he moved to Kansas City with his mother.

Molette, having excelled in high school, earned early admission to Morehouse College, a Black men's college, through a Ford Foundation program. When he was a junior at Morehouse, he met the person who would change the trajectory of his life: a freshman named Barbara Roseburr, one of his fellow students in a Spanish class at Spelman College, a Black women's college literally across the street from Morehouse. Historically, Morehouse and Spelman students have been able to take courses at both institutions. Barbara expressed an interest in theatre, which Molette also shared, although he was a political science major. With the encouragment of Barbara and his theatre professor, Baldwin Burroughs, Molette changed his career plans from becoming a lawyer to working in theatre.


DC Commission, Chairman Emile C. Thompson (Fall 2002) Join Financial Research Institute Advisory Board

FRI is pleased to welcome the District of Columbia Public Service Commission and Chairman Emile C. Thompson to the FRI Advisory Board. The DC PSC regulates the monopoly electric distribution, natural gas, and telecom utilities serving the District’s approximately 700 thousand residents. The District of Columbia joins 16 state public utility commissions represented on FRI’s Advisory Board.

Chairman Thompson was first appointed to the DC PSC by Mayor Muriel Bowser in 2021 and re-appointed as Interim Chairman on December 1, 2021. He was confirmed as Chairman on June 7, 2022. He is an active member of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), serving as NARUC Co-Vice Chair of the Committee on Critical Infrastructure and as a member of the Committee on Energy Resources and the Environment. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Organization of PJM States, Inc., which promotes and protects the public interest in providing reliable and reasonably priced electric service.

While the DC PSC does not regulate DC’s water utility, Chairman Thompson previously served on the D.C. Water Board of Directors, so he also brings familiarity with water oversight to the FRI Advisory Board.

The Financial Research Institute (FRI) was established in 1988 at the University of Missouri to promote education, research and service across various areas of finance. Today, through its public utility division, the FRI provides a neutral environment for stakeholders in regulated public utility industries to come together to examine, understand, and debate current issues relating to public utility policy.

Chairman Thompson graduated from Morehouse College with a degree in Computer Science and minors in Math and Biology. His law degree was conferred from Wake Forest University School of Law. Born in Washington, D.C., Chairman Thompson resides with his wife and children. He is active in the D.C. community serving as a board member of the Abramson Scholarship Foundation, and is a former board member of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington.


Bro. Derrick LeJuan Parker, Jr. (Spring 2017) Tapped As Judicial Law Clerk For The Hon. Raymond J. Lohier, Jr.

By APCAA Staff

Bro. Derrick L. Parker, Esq. has landed the prized appointment of Judicial Law Clerk for Hon. Judge Raymond J. Lohier of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit based in New York City. His appointment follows a nearly two-year stint as a Corporate Associate at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz and his 2021 graduation from Harvard Law School. As a first-generation college student from Kansas City, Missouri, Parker also made history in 2018 when he earned his bachelor’s degree at Morehouse College where he graduated as valedictorian.

During his career as a student, he has interned at Dla Piper Global Law Firm, the Fulton County District Attorney’s office, the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus Foundation, the United States House Of Representatives, and Bank America. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society, Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society, and Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society.

Bro. Hon. Thurgood Marshall (Nu Chapter, Spring 1926), Hon. Raymond J. Lohier, and Bro. Parker.

Judge Lohier is seated on the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. He was nominated by President Barack Obama in March 2010 and unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate in December 2010. In 1999, the United States Congress proposed renaming the courthouse after the late Supreme Court of the United States justice Thurgood Marshall. Before being elevated to the Supreme Court, Marshall had worked at the courthouse from 1961 to 1965 as a judge of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.


Atlanta's Historic Beulah Baptist Church Welcomes Rev. Bro. W. Kenneth Rice (Spring 2013) To Their 4th Ward Pulpit

Beulah Baptist Church Atlanta recently announced the appointment of Pastor-Elect Rev. Winford K. Rice, Jr., M.Div. According to their mission, Beulah offers Christ-centered, biblically-based preaching and teaching that aligns Christian doctrines within a family-friendly atmosphere where participation is encouraged.

In responding to news of his announcement, Bro. Rev. Rice shared: "Zora Neale Hurston once said, 'there are years that ask questions and years that answer.' This year God has made it all make sense. Every tear, every challenge, every obstacle, every set back - God has made it all make sense. I’m so excited to begin the work of pastoral ministry with this august body of believers! Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard all that God has in store for us. Please pray for us as we endeavor to do the work of spiritual and social transformation. Thank you all for your continued support and love. It means the world to me."


AP100 Appoints Bro. Eric D. Wells (Spring 2017) As Deputy Chief Financial Officer

By APCAA Staff

APCAA has aligned with Bro. Eric D. Wells (Spring 2017) to serve as Deputy Chief Financial Officer for AP100. He is an active CPA in the State of Georgia and currently works within mergers and acquisition at PwC, where he also serves on the D&I and recruiting committees.

A native of Prince George, Virginia, Wells earned his Business Administration (concentration in Accounting) degree from Morehouse College 2018 and a Masters of Accountancy degree from The University of Iowa 2019. He currently lives in Marietta, Georgia with his fiancé, Ashley.

Bro. Wells rounds out APCAA's financial team alongside Chief Financial Officer Amin Aleem (Spring 1999) and Treasurer Sean Michael Moss (Fall 1980).


Bro. Nekosi J. Nelson (Fall 1998) Revolutionized Google’s Hiring Process To Make The Company More Diverse

@Regiane Folter

In this OctoTalks podcast episode about digital products and the people who make them, we dive deep into team management and talent hunting. We are glad to have Nekosi Nelson — an expert in bringing the best out of the teams he’s led in Google, and the non-profit Common Threads — to learn from his experience redefining Google’s recruiting process and growing their online applications from 10% to 53% of the total.

Nelson also talked with about leadership and coaching, and a bit more specifically about his time at Google, where he democratized Google hiring and transformed the company into a more open and diverse place.

Octobot is a software development company that creates unique digital solutions.


American Psychiatric Association Elects Bro. Rahn Kennedy Bailey (Spring 1984) As Chair Of Global Mental Health & Psychiatry Caucus

Rahn Bailey, MD, DLFAPA, ACP, Professor and Chair of Psychiatry at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine, has been elected Chair of the Global Mental Health & Psychiatry Caucus of the American Psychiatric Association (APA). He will serve a two-year term. The 1800-member APA Caucus on Global Mental Health and Psychiatry focuses on global mental health education, research, and advocacy for improved mental health care through collaboration among health and mental health professionals.

The Caucus is a catalyst within the APA for interdisciplinary, open discussions addressing global mental health needs focusing on the biological, psychological and social determinants of health and their presentations in the national and international arenas. The Caucus also plays a vital role in addressing the issue of stigma against mental health patients.

Dr. Bailey is also Assistant Dean of Community Engagement at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine. Before joining the LSU Health New Orleans faculty, he was Chairman of Psychiatry at Meharry Medical College, Wake Forest Medical School, and National Medical Association. Dr. Bailey’s early research focused on Psychotic Disorders/SPMI, grew to include Depressive Illness/Bipolar Mood D/O, and expanded to forensic topics, Competency, Confidentiality, and Risk Management. Currently, his focus is Health Disparities, Healthcare Reform, and Violence.

He has 86 peer-reviewed publications in more than 20 refereed journals and published three books — Health Disparities, 2013; Gun Violence, 2018; and Intimate Partner Violence, 2020.Dr. Bailey is an advocate for change. He served as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Medical Association/Cobb Research Foundation. He chaired the National Alumni Council Board of Trustees of the National Medical Fellowships and completed a six-year term on the Rutgers University Board of Trustees in 2020.

He served as the 113th President of the National Medical Association. In 2006, he was selected by his peers as the NMA Physician of the Year in Houston during the Hurricane Katrina crisis. He was selected Outstanding Faculty Member at the University of Texas Houston and American Medical Association Co-Chairman of the Commission to End Health Disparities, 2012-13. In 2022, Dr. Bailey received the National Medical Association Ernest Y. Williams, M.D. Clinical Scholars of Distinction Award. His work has been seminal in assisting communities in caring for patients’ health, developing strategies to improve their health paradigms, and working to enhance the lives of young professionals.

“I am honored to be elected as the Chair of the APA Caucus on Global Mental Health and Psychiatry,” notes Dr. Bailey. “At the LSU Health New Orleans Department of Psychiatry, we are committed to serving our community, with an overall mission to reduce mental health care disparities and expand access to high-quality mental health care treatment. Our mission in the Greater New Orleans area shares some of the same needs seen globally -- to promote health equity and provide responsive care to our community, including special consideration to vulnerable populations. I look forward to working with the APA caucus to continue our focus on strategies that improve policies, programs, and research affecting patients’ health in communities locally and worldwide.”


Bro. Kyle Edward Webb (Fall 1978) Publishes 'Truth In Stone' Following 9-Year Writing Path

An excerpt from Truth In Stone:

"Children are born with hearts of gold, but due to the covetous actions of the ruthless and powerful, their hearts are ripped apart, leaving them barren and cold. Who will risk their life and battle the wicked? Who will stand against evil, risking it all for the young and innocent?

On the surface, Narmer was reserved and respectful to his parents as well as to the priests of the Mystery System. A promising and skilled architect, his goal was to prove he was qualified to build and restore the renowned temples of Ancient Kemet. But there was another side to Narmer that was not known to most. His other side was dark as it was hideous, it was aggressive as well as vengeful, it was angry just as much as intimidating.

His other occupation … was an enforcer and defender. For his country ... for his people ... for the Pharoah. The challenges he faces are the same challenges that he, in part, initiated. Narmer will either find a way out of the madness, or willingly sacrifice himself.

Despite his incurable fate, there is a woman whose magic inspires him beyond measure."


St. Louis Boys and Girls Club Inducts Ja-Mes Anthony Watson III (Fall 2010) Into Hall Of Honor

Bro. Ja-Mes Watson was recently inducted into his hometown St. Louis Boys and Girls Club Hall of Honor.

In reflecting on the honor he shared: "The Club, as I affectionately referred to it, was sacred space to thousands of children and teens in the local St. Louis Area. The Club was more than just sports. We were taught practical life skills, theatre, arts, music, and early STEM education (before it become a national education phenomena). This was the early and mid-2000s.

I grew up in the club with amazing club members of diverse perspectives, hobbies and skills even at that young age. Some of them have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, educators and a myriad of other professions. Not just athletes.

Dr. Fowler was vital to my growth in the club. Growing up I idolized Dr. Huxtable and Judge Banks. Then I met Dr. Fowler and he was like Judge Banks and Dr. Huxtable in real life. He was always positive, joyful, reassuring and respectful to every club mate. A true game changer in my life was witnessing how Dr. Fowler cared for his wife, children and balanced the tough role of growing the club.

We talked at the awards ceremony and I thanked him for all the love and support over the years. It’s so fitting that Father’s Day is approaching and I had a chance to receive this award from one of my biggest idols.

I am truly appreciative for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater St. Louis for the opportunity."


Phantom 13 (Fall 1973) Brothers Lester J. Bentley And Allan S. Gray II Receive 50-Year Pins From Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Two Line Brothers from the Phantom 13 (Fall 1973) were presented with their 50-Year Membership pins during a ceremony hosted by Kansas City, Missouri graduate chapter Beta Lambda. Bro. Lester James Bentley PhD (#3) of St. Paul, Minnesota is a Life Member and is active with Gamma Xi Lambda Chapter, and Bro. Allan S. Gray II (#8) is active with the host chapter Beta Lambda. Bentley also serves as the Co-Chairman of the Logistics Caucus for the January 2024 Centennial Celebration of Alpha Rho Chapter.

Beta Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. was chartered in Kansas City January 19, 1919, and is the second Alumni Chapter established by the Fraternity, and the Fraternity's oldest alumni chapter west of the Mississippi River.


GTLaw Shareholders Jennifer Hermansky and Sherman W. Smith III (Spring 1987) Recognized as City & State PA’s ‘Law Power 100’

Shareholders Jennifer Hermansky and Sherman W. Smith III, of global law firm Greenberg Traurig, LLP’s Philadelphia office, are among the professionals recognized on the 2023 City & State Pennsylvania “Law Power 100” list. The magazine describes the group of law practitioners from across the commonwealth as “the most influential prosecutors, partners at prominent firms, public defenders, and others in the profession who advise or oversee governmental bodies at all levels, advocate for policy changes and are part of the court process.” This is the second consecutive year they have both been selected for this list.

Smith, a Corporate shareholder, is a transactional attorney whose practice covers a range of disciplines including commercial and residential real estate, real estate finance (debt and equity), and commercial finance, including representing major financial institutions in transactions involving asset-based and cash-flow credit facilities. Smith lends his years of experience to privately held businesses as an outside general counsel and advisor, including prominent real estate developers embarking on all phases of real estate development and project-related finance.


Bro. Michael L. Adams (Fall 2004) Recognized As Attending Of The Year By Sunrise Healthcare Consortium

Las Vegas, Nevada-based anesthesiologist Dr. Michael L. Adams II has been recognized as Attending Of The Year by the Sunrise Health Graduate Medical Education Consortium. Adams is currently a physician with Anesthesia Consultants Inc. and previous to that he was affiliated with Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a 2009 graduate of Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois, and a 2005 Morehouse College alumnus.

The Sunrise Health Graduate Medical Education Consortium has demonstrated excellence in every aspect of our institution and practices. From in-depth planning to the execution of a state-of-the-art graduate medical education program that fits the needs of our residents, they set the standard high for clinical research and educational excellence.


AIG/NYC Welcomes Bro. Jarod Harper (Spring 2018) Into 10-Week Law Internship

AIG’s Global, Legal, Compliance, and Regulatory Department kicked off their annual Summer Associate Program by welcoming Elizabeth Binetti, Sandeep Brar, Talin Ghazarian, Jarod Harper, B.A., and Qaim Wynter to their NYC offices for a 10-week immersive introduction to the legal profession. These outstanding individuals stood out among 516 applicants during a rigorous recruitment process that began last November.

Harper is currently a 3L JD candidate at North Carolina Central University School of Law in Durham, North, Carolina.


Bro. Richard S. Moultrie (Spring 1986) Launches The Sterling Sound Voice Talent Venture

Richard possesses a deep, commanding and resonant voice. As an Atlanta-based attorney, member of the American College of Trial Lawyers and award-winning orator, Richard adeptly communicates with passion, empathy, and authoritative authenticity. He now brings this versatility to a range of voiceover genres – including corporate narration, medical, commercial, documentary and docuseries, and eLearning.

An Atlanta philanthropist with a donor fund hosted by the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, Richard began his VO career as a volunteer narrator for the Georgia Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled. For the past two years, Richard has trained with two of the VO industry’s superlative voice coaches and actors, Anne Ganguzza and Thom Pinto, who bridged his innate talent – for imbuing words with subtlety and nuance – with the technique exemplified by today’s skillful voice actor. Richard is able to provide clients with meticulous and exceptional results.


Mid-June New Orleans Heatwave Brings Heaven Bound Conviction From Bro. Patrick Thompson (Spring 1999)

Meanwhile, you'll find Patrick Thompson under a shady tree, enjoying the outdoors. "I'm just trying to relax, balance myself, connect with nature, do a little reading," he said. He brings a large jug of water to keep hydrated.

"You got to drink water folks, especially when it's hot like this," Thompson said. "Listen, this heat convinces me I must go to Heaven. I have to."

Dr. Thompson is the Founder, Visionary, CEO, and Chief Healing Officer of Whole Kingdom Wellness. ​He is a Naturopathic Physician and also an ordained Pastor. He has a passion for facilitating the healing of people in every aspect of their being. Dr. Thompson desires to be the impetus for that push through Naturopathic Medicine, faith empowerment, and social engagement. From the medical perspective, Dr. Thompson specializes in Preventative Medicine, Weight Loss, Nutritional Counseling, and Chronic Illness such as Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. He is also equipped to help people with their spiritual transformation and development.


Healthcare Leaders Of New York Presents Bro. Olamide Fagbamiye (Fall 2020) With 2023 Award Of Distinction

At this year's Gala, Healthcare Leaders of New York (HLNY) honored the recipients of our Award of Distinction and Leonard Achan Sr. Health Equity Scholarships. This year's Award of Distinction Recipients are: Mmutaka Ajulu-Okeke, Katherine Mirabella, MHA, Michael Massa, MHA, and Olamide Boluwatife Fagbamiye.

Healthcare Leaders of New York (HLNY) is committed to supporting our up and coming healthcare leaders along with the continuance of higher education through our supporting Higher Education Schools which participate in our Higher Education Network Committee led by Zachary Almer, MPA, PMP.

Bro. Fagbamiye is currently serving as a Hospital Administrative Intern at One Brooklyn Health, and is a 2nd Year Master of Public Health - MPH, Health/Health Care Administration/Management student at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health.


Orleans Parish School Board Promotes Bro. Don Patrick LeDuff (Spring 2005) To COO

New Orleans, Louisiana native Bro. Don P. LeDuff will welcome the new school year with new credentials, namely, as Chief Operating Officer for the Orleans Parish School Board.

Bro. LeDuff earned his Master of Business Administration degree at the University of New Orleans and prior to serving in several other leadership positions at the Orleans Parish School Board, he spent time at KIPP New Orleans and Liberty Bank & Trust.

At Orleans Parish School Board, every student receives a high-quality education that fosters his or her individual capabilities, while ensuring that they thrive and are prepared for civic, social, and economic success.


USAID Taps Bro. Brandon B. Brown (Spring 2019) To Serve As Research Fellow

Following his graduation from The University of Georgia College of Public Health with a Masters in Public Health this past May, Bro. Brandon B. Brown joined the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) as an HIV/AIDs Microbicide Biomedical Research Fellow. This new position comes with a goal of creating biomedical materials to lower rates of HIV/AIDs in sub-Saharan Africa.

During his matriculation at Morehouse College and the University of Georgia, he conducted public health research developing novel methodologies for testing cognitive and sensory function in infancy through older adulthood populations. Additionally, he consulted with and advised physicians, educators, researchers, and others regarding improving the Cognitive Aging Research and Education (CARE) initiative, which exists to provide and improve access to diagnosis, education, and support for those at risk for or living with dementia.


AP100 Appoints Bro. Tavis Thompson (Spring 2019) To Curate Centennial Weekend's Closing Event

By APCAA Staff

Atlanta, Georgia-based Bro. Tavis Thompson has been handed the choice assignment of managing Alpha Rho Chapter's Centennial Weekend closing event, the Brotherhood Farewell Brunch. The Sunday, January 7th gathering follows other gatherings taking place during the weekend, including the Welcome Reception, AP Brotherhood Town Hall, Great Gathering & Alpha Rho Show, and the All Alpha Brothers Ecumenical Service.

Bro. Thompson joined The Zillow Group in 2022 as a Product Manager, and previous to that he spent almost two years as a Product Manager at MicroSoft Corporation. He also serves as Vice President and Co-Founder (with Bro. Ernest Holmes, Spring 2018) of CodeHouse, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that focuses on cultivating a strong pipeline between students of color and industry-leading tech companies. At its core, CodeHouse aims to tackle the diversity gap in technology by providing exposure and resources to enhance students’ technical skills, promoting job placement, and elevating the next generation of diverse leaders in technology.


Bro. Barrington C. Lincoln (Spring 2020) Takes It To The Hoop With Milwaukee Bucks NBA/HBCU Internship

The National Basketball Association's (NBA) Milwaukee Bucks have drafted Bro. Barrington C. Lincoln as a Business Strategy and Analytics Department Intern as part of their 2023 NBA/HBCU Fellowship Program.

Out of 5,000+ applicants, 74 were selected to take part in the NBA/HBCU Fellowship Program, which aims to provide career development opportunities in the business of basketball for undergraduate and graduate students from 29 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

A St. Louis, Missouri native, Lincoln served as President of Alpha Rho Chapter 2021-22.


James Bell Associates Welcomes Bro. Kristopher Britton (Spring 2019) In New Research Role

Upon completion of his MPH/Maternal & Child Health graduate program at Brown University School of Public Health, Bro. Kristopher Britton has accepted the position of Research Assistant in Child Welfare Practice & Child and Family Development at James Bell Associates.

JBA’s legacy is built on delivering excellence in evaluation and capacity building to improve the health and well-being of children, families, and communities.

Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, JBA provides actionable findings and evaluation technical assistance to inform policy and management in health and human services. Their projects cross disciplines, with an emphasis on child and family development, child welfare, tribal evaluation, and health care. Their clients include federal, state, tribal, and local governments as well as universities, foundations, and nonprofits.

A Powder Springs, Georgia native, Britton served as President of Alpha Rho Chapter 2020-21.


Centennial Captains Campaign Takes Shape With Leadership Gifts From Brothers Between 1962 And 2013


By APCAA Staff

Alpha Rho Chapter's Centennial Captains are answering the leadership call to ensure that our January 2024 celebration is spectacular ... and that our scholarship consortium supports the next generation of Morehouse Men. Our milestone celebration is made possible by the underwriting strength of APCAA's Centennial Captains — 100 Alpha Rho Chapter Alumni who have signed-on to emphasize that our centennial fundraising remains true to the association's founding mission: scholarships.

Early adoption at the captain's level is essential when it comes to meeting the expenses and expectations for our historic gathering. To that end, the Brotherhood is encouraged to look upon the underwriting role as the primary path to fundraising success and the ability to provide reasonable per/person packages for Chapter members and guests at a later date. And as a reminder ... APCAA does not receive financial support from Alpha National, Eta Lambda Chapter, or Morehouse College.

So clearly, without leadership from the Brothers featured above (and those who join them in the ongoing Centennial Captains Campaign), there would be no Centennial Celebration.

ABOUT SECURE DONATIONS: Today we’re unveiling our alignment with industry leading non-profit fundraising platform that will allow our campaign to eliminate processing fees levied by our previous partner, This new gift hub is widely utilized by international charitable organizations, including UnitedWay, Habitat For Humanity, Boys & Clubs of America, and Special Olympics … and it has facilitated more than $500M in donations since 2021.

Please consider joining this team of 100 Alpha Rho Men in making history by clicking the link below:


Atlanta Attorney Justin Hill (Spring 2018) Discusses Supreme Court Ruling On Affirmative Action


APCAA Pays Tribute To Our Fallen Brother John Willis Randall Anderson (Fall 1952) Chapter President in 1954

With profound sadness, we announce that our beloved John Willis Randall Anderson passed away on June 7, 2023, at the age of 89, after a brave battle with cancer. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 17, 1933, John's family moved to New York City where he was shaped by the culturally vibrant neighborhood of Harlem; Yankee ballgames, live theatre, museums, community activism, and most of all, jazz music, formed the foundation of a life well-lived.

Alpha Rho Chapter in 1955. Bro. Anderson is shown in the top row, far right.

The second of four children born to Mamie and Harry Anderson, John was an intelligent, forward-thinking man with practical advice for anyone who asked. John followed in his father's footsteps to Morehouse College where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. A proud Morehouse man, John was president of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, a member of Beta Kappa Chi honor society, the Student Council, and the Glee Club, Assistant Editor of the yearbook, and played Intramural Sports. While at Morehouse, John met and married his Spelman College sweetheart, Altona ('Toni') Johns, and had three daughters.

John was accepted into Howard University's dental school and joined the U.S. Navy Dental Corps during his sophomore year in a special program to recruit Black officers. He earned a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Howard and later, a Master of Public Health degree from the University of California at Berkeley. John had an illustrious thirty-year career in the Navy, which included a tour in Japan, service aboard the U.S.S. Oriskany during the conflict in Asia, and a pinnacle position as Head of Clinical Services Branch, Naval Medical Command in Washington, DC where he was responsible for clinical matters for all U.S. Naval Dental Clinics worldwide.

John rose to the rank of Captain and earned four prestigious medals, including the Navy Commendation Medal for which he was most proud. Unafraid to integrate mostly white environments in his personal and professional life, John was one of only eight Black captains in the U.S. Navy when he retired. John's first marriage ended in divorce and in 1985 he married Washington, DC resident, Eleanor ('Ellie') Burton Petersen. They remained steady, devoted, and loving partners until his death. After his Navy retirement, John served as a project director at his brother-in-law's consulting firm and later started his own office design company with Ellie.

Bro. Anderson pictured with his wife, Eleanor ('Ellie') Burton Petersen.

He enjoyed a life of organized leisure which included favorite pastimes - hosting a constant stream of guests at home in Shepherd Park, researching family ancestry, and supporting Ellie in local political activities. John was a cool, charming, and mellow guy with a deep, gentle voice. He exuded a quiet strength and commanded respect in an understated fashion. Impeccably dressed for every occasion, John was stylish, cultured, and a great conversationalist. A true family man and wonderful role model, he was fully present and impactful in the lives of those he knew and cared about. He hated to see others struggle and did what he could to lend a helping hand.

John was preceded in death by his parents, and sister, Harriet Mayner. Left to cherish his memory are his loving wife, Eleanor; daughters, Shelly Wolfe (George), Jocelyn Hill (Keith), and Millicent Olive (Cordell); five grandchildren, Wesley, Scott, Brianna, Michael, and Colton; sister, Mary Rogers; brother, Nathaniel Anderson; three nieces; a nephew; four stepchildren, Gayle Petersen, Dana Petersen-Moore (Ralph), Frank Petersen III (Jasline), and Lindsay Pulliam (Linwood); and other dear family and friends. We deeply appreciate the care given to John by the Brightview Grosvenor and JSSA Hospice staff. A viewing will be held Tuesday, June 27, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at McGuire Funeral Service, Inc., 7400 Georgia Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20012. John will be laid to rest during a private family ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery (date currently unknown). In lieu of flowers, donations to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance ( are greatly appreciated.


APCAA Pays Tribute To Our Fallen Brother Glenn Mason Randall (Fall 1956)

Funeral Home Viewing and Omega Service: Tuesday, June 20 at Murray Brothers, 10am-6pm, Omega Service: 6pm. Funeral: Wednesday, June 21 at 11am at Ben Hill United Methodist Church SW Atlanta, Georgia.


Bro. Jaylon Johnson (Spring 2019) Doubles Down As Class President At Tufts School Of Dental Medicine