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Alpha Rho Chapter Alumni Launch Countdown To Centennial Year In Final Lap Of Ten-Year Strategic Plan

The APCAA Brotherhood began planning for our centennial long before the world shifted. In fact, the 10-YEAR COUNTDOWN began in 2014 when we first incorporated our 501(c)(3), conducted the first-ever Alpha Rho International Census (APIC), campaigned to erect an official monument on the Morehouse College campus, and provided historical and trending news opportunities via the website (arrived in 2017).

Our centennial planning committee used this past 6-month hiatus to fine-tune a roster of observances that will encompass all living and past generations of our storied history which began on the campus of Morehouse College on an "ice cold" Saturday, January 5, 1924.

While some might regard hyping a 1,200 day countdown as a distant, hopeful goal, we're quite secure in that whatever our nation looks like at the dawn of 2024, Alpha Rho Chapter will be well-positioned to mark our 100th with all due black & gold flavor!

Continue to follow this space and social media messaging as we unveil our centennial calendar, highlight landmark moments from throughout the years, and introduce the AP men who have been working behind the scenes to help drive us all toward the centennial finish line!

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