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Brother Jonathan Wilkins (Spring 1999) Takes Flight In New Leadership Development Specialist Role Wi

Brother Wilkins took flight this month as a Facilitator for Leadership Development with American Airlines, where he's responsible for developing core and elective curriculum and facilitating customized courses that align with departmental goals in the DFW and Phoenix marketplaces.

Brother Wilkins' 2009 MBA Degree from Harvard Business School focused on real estate finance, real estate in emerging markets, real estate private equity. That same year he completed a dual degree with Harvard Divinity School, MDiv. MDiv program focused on social enterprise, pastoral leadership and community and economic development.

Wilkins graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta in 2001. He was aised in the Stop Six section in southeast Fort Worth in a single-parent home by his mother, Cathy Wilkins-Moffitt. Wilkins was a drum major and student body president at Dunbar High School, where his grandmother, Earnestine Williams, served as a nurse.

In addition, Wilkins and some of his Dunbar classmates founded a peer-to-peer mentorship program in 1996 called Distinguished Gentlemen, which encourages students to pursue higher education. That program remains intact today at Dunbar.

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