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Alpha Rho Alumni 2018 Summer Smokers Go Nationwide: Washington DC, Atlanta, San Francisco/Oakland &

To mark the 5th Anniversary of the Alpha Rho Summer Smokers, the leadership of the Centennial Campaign launched a wider series of gatherings along the east coast, and out west -- in Atlanta, Washington, DC, New York City, and San Francisco/Oakland. All together, more than 125 AP Brothers came together to break bread and drink as the committee shared campaign notes and provided opportunities to support the APCAA's growing endowment fund.

Brothers Earl Caldwell (Campaign Chairman) and Chris Gooding (Campaign Secretary) and their 18-member committee developed the nationwide concept, along with city-specific leadership in each of the target markets. The committee will release information on the 2019 cities and summer dates on Charter Day 2019 -- January 5.

It should be noted, and celebrated that the under-30 age group of Brothers are stepping up and leading the alumni Brotherhood with great energy and drive at this stage of the campaign. Thank you all!

Our Summer Smokers kicked-off 5 years ago in Washington, DC, and Brother Chris Gooding (Legendary 18) kept the ball moving this year by organizing the July gathering in downtown's CityCenter.

Always strong in the participation game, Charter City Brothers gathered in early August -- expertly assembled by Brothers Deshaun Bennett (Sovereign 16) and Clint Johnson (APotheotic 21).