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Brother Leon Chitman (Spring 2008) Tapped As Staff Writer For Netflix Series "Kiss & Cry&qu

Brother Leon Chitman has landed his first writing gig as he joins the script team for the upcoming Netflix television series "Kiss & Cry." Just prior to this appointment, Brother Chitman served as the Assistant to Reginald Hudlin at Hudlin Entertainment, Inc., and Head of Studio Sales at Hydraulx Filmz -- both based in Los Angeles, California. In his own words, Brother Chitman marked the occasion by saying, "Lord knows when I wrote my first screenplay I thought becoming a professonial screenwriter was finna be a breeze 🙅🏾‍♂️... 7 years later that dream has come true! This is me on my first day in my first writer's room for the new @netflix show I'm writing for!!! No more day job. No more side hustle. THIS IS WHAT I DO!! Thank you God!"

About Netflix:

Five years after Netflix scored its initial Emmy nomination for its first original series, the streaming giant has reached another milestone in breaking HBO’s 17-year streak of dominance in the annual Primetime Emmy Awards nominations derby.

Netflix’s narrow edge over HBO in total noms (112 vs. 108) is rich with symbolism at a moment when the entertainment industry’s old guard is scrambling to reorient a big part of its business operations to reflect the Netflix effect — i.e. making a boatload of original programming available via commercial-free streaming in a 24/7 on-demand format. It’s an incredible feat, pulled off in what feels like a blink of an eye for many industry veterans.

HBO’s ascent over perennial Emmy darling NBC in the early 2000s signified the center of gravity in the TV industry shifting from broadcast to the pay-TV universe. Today, Netflix’s Emmy nominations haul reflects the white-hot momentum at the company that is writing eye-popping nine-figure checks to lock up top creative talent in exclusive deals.

Netflix is outspending HBO by a huge margin in programming, with an estimated budget of $8 billion this year compared to HBO’s $2 billion. All of that money helped Netflix pull ahead after coming in just behind HBO last year (with 91 noms to HBO’s 111). The need for greater financial firepower to push HBO was a driving force behind Time Warner’s decision to merge with AT&T.

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