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Brother Johnzel Hubert Smith (Spring 2018) Tapped As 2018-19 Guardian Of The 90th Anniversary Memori

APCAA proudly welcomes Brother Johnzell E. Smith as the next Guardian Of The Obelisk -- our Chapter's designee who maintains protective watch and ceremonial duties for the monument that honors our legacy since 1924, and contains the "AP Time Capsule" which is scheduled to be opened in the year 2424. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Brother Smith is a Junior Cinema Television and Emerging Media Studies major at Morehouse College with aspirations in film production.

Brother Smith follows in the AP footsteps of the inaugural Guardian of The Obelisk, Bakari Xavier Greene, and subsequent designees Raheem Jessop (2016) and Billy Cobb-Gulley (2017). The role of AP Guardian is bestowed upon an undergraduate chapter member annually, and is a legacy appointment made by the previous year's designee.

The Alpha Rho Chapter Alumni Association's 90th Anniversary Memorial Obelisk was dedicated on Sunday, October 25, 2015 on the historic century campus green at Morehouse College.

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