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AP Lost & Found: Flamboyant Southern Five Finally In Full Reunion For 40th Anniversary (Spring

As any of the 124 line presidents down through our lineage will assure you -- attempts to assemble reunion lines is like trying to wrangle rabid raccoons at the greek picnic in Philly! But a much, much milder version of bruh-rangling had been brewing with the Flamboyant Southern Five as they approached their 40th Anniversary this year.

Back in the Spring of 1978, their sheer innocence, mid-century afros, and thick-ass polyester neckties gave them every reason to keep the 5-member band together, forever -- come what may.

And it looks as though the most recent plots to reassemble the line involved generous frequent flyer miles, boozey tourist destinations, and random muscle flexes, just because. These postcards from the edge of a total reunion began to have a redundant theme ... 4 but not 5.

In a bold attempt to attract their lone missing member with wit and fashion, the flamboyant foursome decided to incorporate sport jackets into the mix, and baseball caps too. Didn't work though, as they're still one digit short.